Forced to pay too much to the CSA

July 27, 2011

I have been paying the csa for many years, i had some bad times in the past so was unable to pay but have been paying without fail since. The csa re assessed me and said i owed £9000 in arrears which i guess may be right? So i discussed this with them and a weekly amount was agreed. Then they sent a letter saying i owed £14000 so i called them to see why they had increased it.

After i went a bit mad at them on the phone and said i wanted to make an official complaint, one of their accountants called me to explain that i was part of csa 1?? and we were now on csa 3?? means nothing to me but he explained that the system had not been taking the right amount from me, so i have been underpaying which has put the figure up. Obviously im not happy because i have to pay £121.60 a week which is a massive lump of my wages.

I take home about £350 a week, out of that i have to pay all my bills and expenses. I have questioned weather the “6 year” rule to debt is valid but they say no. this is really crippling me any help please would be much appreciated


  • Sunil Hirani says:

    I have been paying CSA since 2009. And I have to say I don’t know what rubbish my ex wife told them about my earning but they keep taking more then they should every month. I’ve phoned them and explained that I earn this much and then they tell me to send bits and bobs into their office, which I do and then not hear nothing back. I’m paying for a child who I hardly ever see, who is meant to be staying with me every weekend but doesn’t because his mother wont allow him.

    I really wish fathers had more of a say and CSA dont just believe in what women have to say all the time.

  • Andrea Bayes says:

    How can the csa allow the exorbitant payments made by fathers to ex-partners who deliberately stop access be given to women and it be tax free and not affect their benefits? My husband has always paid for his child and is now having to take his ex to court for access as she has stopped this but this isnt taken into account! There is a recording of a csa worker saying it is quite ok for a person to earn £250 a month cash in hand ok! I would fully recommend this from now on. And for any bitter ex wife who has screwed their husband through the csa i really hope your child especially if a boy ends up with a woman just like his mother!

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