Please help me with the Child Support Agency

July 29, 2011

I am having some extreme problems right now with the CSA. about almost 2years ago I was working within the entertainments industry where upon a night of celebration at work got extremely hammered. I know its something your probally used to hearing however for me, this is not something I do regulary, more or less never!

So anyway the night progressed on of which I have no recognition of up to when I was at the bar with a few friends having drinks.

3 weeks later I was contacted by a female claiming we had slept with each other on that night, and that she is now pregnant. Of which I find extremely hard to believe! As I would of known the following morning if you know what I mean or that my friends would of told me is disappeared off with a female. Now doing some research into the matter it turns out this female was constantly trying to grope me on that particular night, and I am seen to be pushing her away everytime.

Thing that is hard for me, I have no memory of that night! which is something which i thought was fairy tale in which guys say to avoid being caught!!! But it turns out to be my case now….
This girl fell pregnant, claiming its mine and she doesnt want nothing to do with me blah blah…. Now CSA have contacted me for Child maintenance! I am not a rude nor horrible guy, but there is no way in this life time i would even consider giving any sort of cash to such a jessabel!!!

I feel trappped right now, and I feel it is effecting me and my fiancee.

What can I do to avoid this process from these animals?

Also whilst investigating there was a short period where i wasnt around my friends, and i fear this is the period in which this could of happened! But i dont know how i can not remember nothing! I just dont understand it and up til now has lead me to believe was i spike? I just dont know/.//

Help/Advise would be very much appreciated!