CSA withholding payments

July 26, 2011

Hi, I am a pwc and was using the CSA with no problems up till December of last year, when my case was made clerical. From then my payment was never on time and was told that I owed over £200 back to my ex (I couldn’t understand this as my ex as never left his job and works all the over time he can get, would of thought my payments would have gone up rather than be told I owe him). Anyway in march of this year both me and my ex made the agreement that we would cancel the CSA and go maintenance direct. The CSA told us that it would take 12 weeks for the case to be cancelled on their system. In this time they were still taking money from my ex’s wage, well couldn’t understand why i was getting any payments when they was still getting money from my ex. Both myself and my ex both phoned them and was told that they was keeping the money back to make sure nothing was owed any where. Anyway 12 weeks came and went, all the time the CSA Read more

John Cleese gets a good thrashing in divorce

July 26, 2011

Whenever we think about how we, in the UK, have it bad when it comes to divorce we should spare a thought for our American cousins, and indeed the Brits who live under, and abide by, their laws. One such Brit is John Cleese who, had he lived in the UK, would have had to split his assets fairly between himself and his ex wife and they pay a percentage of his earnings to the CSA for the upkeep of his children.

However, John – one of the finest British comedy actors ever to grace the screen and a national treasure – is being forced to carry on working well into his seventies, just to pay the alimony and child support Read more

Have my human rights been infringed

July 26, 2011

In 1982 I had a vasectomy after having 3 Children and for 15 years it worked, During that time I divorced and remarried. In 1995 my second wife left me and one of the reasons stated in the divorce was that we could not have children.

I had not tried to have it reversed although I am sure once I had finished my full time degree I would have seen a Doctor and tried.

In 1996 I met an old girlfriend from way back when whilst out with friends for a Xmas drink. I started to see her on an adhoc basis for a couple of months and in the March of 1997 the relationship moved on to a sexual one.

Almost immediately the Lady in question was Pregnant much too my surprise I had no Reason to doubt it wasn’t mine.

She already had 2 children from a previous relationship I had 3 children and did not want anymore at this time.

I explained this but she went ahead with the pregnanct anyway against my wishes. Our relationship was very casual and did not continue much longer. She was already working the system with her ex partner he paying her money without the DSS knowing and they were paying her lots!! of money.

In December 1997 her daughter was born. I was aked to contribute by the mother and declined. about a year later I recieved a call, the first of 100’s from The CSA at first I denied I was the Father explained I had been surgically newted 15 years previously.

Paternity Tests were mooted but it would cost £195 and I would have to pay up front and they would re-imburse me if it proved positive I was not the father.

In the mean time I went to the Doctors and had a test and yes there was 40% sperm cells there. So I had my proof She was possibly mine.

I looked into suing NHS but there is a statute of limitations which would have precluded me from suing.

My argument to the CSA was that I had no say in the outcome of the pregnancy therefore I could not be held responsible for the baby’s upkeep and had I known I was fertile I would have taken the nessecary precautions, to prevent an unwanted pregnancy.

I believe that my responsibility for this child (CSA’s Words not mine) has ceased due to her being adopted but I now have £16,000 worth of arrears.

I have found that a liability order has been obtained through Magistrates court without my knowledge. So was unable to defend it and I believe from some of the messaging boards I am about to be imprisoned for something I had no control over. Therefore my Human rights surely have been infringed.

I have not seen or had any contact with the child for over 10 years.

Is there any help out there that doesn’t cost the earth in solicitors fees. I have tried solicitors and got nowhere other than a £250 bill so they could write a letter and get no reply from the CSA. HELP!!

Getting money from the CSA

July 25, 2011

Quick version is the CSA put a charge for £5700 on my ex partners property as he was saying he would sell it and now he lives in spain.

They got the order, went for the second order late and the flat was repossessed two days before, so I never got the order. Now sold it, took months and finally they received some money (no communication with me) and without me knowing paid into my account the amount I am owed fro my daughter, in total over £13,000 and they have not written or called, just paid it in and now said it is an error and can I return the difference in £5700 order and money paid in but admit I am owed £13,000.

Now they will let my ex who will not pay have the difference, this has been a nightmare of at least 8 years and calls letters and no help? I am owed this money can I say your error it is what you owe me? please help.

Government considers new powers to punish parents who don’t pay up

July 25, 2011

In yet another move to attempt to repair the Child Support Agency’s tarnished image, the government is considering even more new ways it can tackle parents who don’t pay maintenance to their children. Under proposals, absent parents could have their driving licences and passports taken away from them if they refuse to pay maintenance.

Recent reforms to the Child Support Agency have been heavily criticized in the past, and it seems almost no one feels its efficiency has improved in the least. Although the Child Support Agency has some degree of power over Read more

Son has a job but ex tells CSA he is in college

July 25, 2011

I have always paid for my son who is now 17, he recently dropped out of college and got himself a job. This was 8 months ago. I am still having to pay maintanace for him through the CSA.

My ex is claiming that he is still at college. I reported this in Feb but they are still taking money from me, i am so frustrated that they do not seem to be doing anything to stop my payment.

Ex lied to CSA saying I was the father

July 24, 2011

I met and married a woman who was 3 months pregnant at the time. I then was named father on birth certificate.

Mistake number 1.

When our marriage broke down she claimed csa by telling them i was the father. Fraud i hear you scream! I told csa i was not the father but was made to pay her £45 a week, this was paid cash through the door on her Read more

I beat the CSA after twenty years

July 24, 2011

It has taken over 20 years but i have beat the csa, i asked for everything they hold on my husbands case right back from day one , it took a while but this huge parcel arrived and it took another few months to go through it all, but found so many errors and photo copies of things that they said they hadn’t received from us etc., that i then got on the phone and after arguing with the person that answers the phone who was trying to tell me they couldn’t discuss the case with me as I wasn’t down on the system (had the proof in front of me from the copies) got the first person ever to actually listen to me and act on what i was saying, and now have been told that we have a big refund due this is to everyone out there ….do not give up

Withheld payments; CSA always fall in favour of non-resident parent

July 23, 2011

I foolishly thought that using the CSA I would eventually receive regular payments, however this is not the case, although my husband pays weekly and by direct debit and on time, the CSA frequently fail to release these payments to me. It is only when I check my bank account that I know they payment has not been sent.

If you call to chase up a payment the CSA refuses to help until they are over the timescale they have set, and then Read more

David Cameron’s biased towards women and the CSA

July 23, 2011

The original Child Support Agency scheme gained most of its impetus from Margaret Thatcher’s discovery that the fathers of children whose mothers were receiving income support were getting away without paying maintenance.

‘Absent Fathers’ were, and still are demonised through the media creating justification for the government to bring in laws that seek to punish them rather than rectify any anomalies or fairness in law regarding their access to their own children.

The CSA seek out easy targets they can find and apply the legislation punitively to maximise their Read more

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