CSA withholding payments

July 26, 2011

Hi, I am a pwc and was using the CSA with no problems up till December of last year, when my case was made clerical. From then my payment was never on time and was told that I owed over £200 back to my ex (I couldn’t understand this as my ex as never left his job and works all the over time he can get, would of thought my payments would have gone up rather than be told I owe him). Anyway in march of this year both me and my ex made the agreement that we would cancel the CSA and go maintenance direct. The CSA told us that it would take 12 weeks for the case to be cancelled on their system. In this time they were still taking money from my ex’s wage, well couldn’t understand why i was getting any payments when they was still getting money from my ex. Both myself and my ex both phoned them and was told that they was keeping the money back to make sure nothing was owed any where. Anyway 12 weeks came and went, all the time the CSA were still taking money from my Ex’s wage. we both have made phone call after phone call to them trying to find out where all these payments had gone.

Finally on the 10th June a received a phone call from them saying that the case was now closed since 3rd March 2011 and I asked about the payments that a wasn’t receiving but they were still taking, The man on the phone told me that all the money had gone to the financial department and would be sorted in the next week.

It is now 21st July and neither myself nor my ex as received any money back and today was his pay day and guess what? they have taken another payment, so he as phoned them and they told that they are sending another order to his work to stop the payments and they will give him the last 2 months payments back. Also they told that i have already received over an £100 from them. LIES and I have the bank statements to proof it. We have both decided that we will give them till next pay day in august and if nothing as been sorted to take action of some sort.

At the moment they have taken £370 since march non of which I have seen.

I was hoping that some could help us. Surely it is theft or fraud to with hold payments?


  • karen bedford says:

    Similar happened to me, in simple terms, on the computer, they hit the send button for the money to leave their bank account but they have to hit it twice for it to be put into your account, basically tell them to hit it twice, as I was clerical and happened a lot to me and they believed me, so got a letter from my bank and copied bank stat to show them not in the account unfortunately took me couple of months to get it sorted. Good luck,

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