Son has a job but ex tells CSA he is in college

July 25, 2011

I have always paid for my son who is now 17, he recently dropped out of college and got himself a job. This was 8 months ago. I am still having to pay maintanace for him through the CSA.

My ex is claiming that he is still at college. I reported this in Feb but they are still taking money from me, i am so frustrated that they do not seem to be doing anything to stop my payment.


  • mark says:

    the same has happened to me, I even had evidence that he was not attending any form of education because I got letters from the training centres to confirm the dates he left the courses but the vsa would not listen. You need to contact the Child Benefit and report your ex for frauduently claiming the child benefit, also get your local mp involved. the mp has a lot more clout than you will ever have. good luck but stick with it. If you ever need any support please do not hesitate to contact me.

  • Suzanne says:

    same happened to us…was payin 90 a week to the mother…the daughter wasn’t living at home and was supposedly at college. Went to tribunal and won….I gathered a lot of facebook evidence showing the daughter wasn’t living at home. The hell is only just starting now because we know we have arrears of about 2000, but the CSA won’t tell us how much we owe exactly (we have been ringing every day for the past 3 weeks). they keep saying they will ring us back and never do. have just put a complaint in. Take it to tribunal….seriously, they are very understanding at the tribunal.

  • Alan mountford says:

    my daughter will soon be 19, i am still paying CSA, To my knowledge she is not and as not been in full time education for at least the last 12months. how do you explain this to me?

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