Have my human rights been infringed

July 26, 2011

In 1982 I had a vasectomy after having 3 Children and for 15 years it worked, During that time I divorced and remarried. In 1995 my second wife left me and one of the reasons stated in the divorce was that we could not have children.

I had not tried to have it reversed although I am sure once I had finished my full time degree I would have seen a Doctor and tried.

In 1996 I met an old girlfriend from way back when whilst out with friends for a Xmas drink. I started to see her on an adhoc basis for a couple of months and in the March of 1997 the relationship moved on to a sexual one.

Almost immediately the Lady in question was Pregnant much too my surprise I had no Reason to doubt it wasn’t mine.

She already had 2 children from a previous relationship I had 3 children and did not want anymore at this time.

I explained this but she went ahead with the pregnanct anyway against my wishes. Our relationship was very casual and did not continue much longer. She was already working the system with her ex partner he paying her money without the DSS knowing and they were paying her lots!! of money.

In December 1997 her daughter was born. I was aked to contribute by the mother and declined. about a year later I recieved a call, the first of 100’s from The CSA at first I denied I was the Father explained I had been surgically newted 15 years previously.

Paternity Tests were mooted but it would cost £195 and I would have to pay up front and they would re-imburse me if it proved positive I was not the father.

In the mean time I went to the Doctors and had a test and yes there was 40% sperm cells there. So I had my proof She was possibly mine.

I looked into suing NHS but there is a statute of limitations which would have precluded me from suing.

My argument to the CSA was that I had no say in the outcome of the pregnancy therefore I could not be held responsible for the baby’s upkeep and had I known I was fertile I would have taken the nessecary precautions, to prevent an unwanted pregnancy.

I believe that my responsibility for this child (CSA’s Words not mine) has ceased due to her being adopted but I now have £16,000 worth of arrears.

I have found that a liability order has been obtained through Magistrates court without my knowledge. So was unable to defend it and I believe from some of the messaging boards I am about to be imprisoned for something I had no control over. Therefore my Human rights surely have been infringed.

I have not seen or had any contact with the child for over 10 years.

Is there any help out there that doesn’t cost the earth in solicitors fees. I have tried solicitors and got nowhere other than a £250 bill so they could write a letter and get no reply from the CSA. HELP!!


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  1. John on July 26th, 2011 3:39 pm

    I downloaded a form from the European Court of Human rights website, filled it i an sent it to Strasbourg, just to let the European legal bods out there, how UK fathers are being treated. I asked them to give me free representation, but they wanted me to go through UK court channel first.

    Being that the Uk courts are corrupt and rigged, I wrote back and informed them, that my case was being predjuiced, because of corruption, and I again asked them to bring the UK government to Strasbourg to explain themselves.

    I know that the only hope is Bob Hope, but at least I put the matter in their forum for discussion. I am waiting to hear from the EHRC!

    I am pinning my hopes on somebody with loads of money taking the CSA to the cleaners in the European courts, exposing their corrupt proceedures, and then forcing the UK government to repay all the criminalised fathers with compensation and damages! If I had the money I would do it myself!

    I am not giving up!

  2. John on July 26th, 2011 4:36 pm

    Sadly Like you I am not in a financial position to take this the whole way, I was hoping for a solicitor to come forward and work on a no win no fee basis.

    If they were successful they would make themselves a small fortune representing those who feel they have had their human rights infringed.

    I may be wrong thinking I have had those rights infringed (in Law) but I certainly feel I have morally.

    If they do send me to prison when i come out the state will have to keep me for the rest of my life as no one will want to employ some one with a criminal record.

    This would include finding me a home as I will lose my place where i stay and furnishing it with a grant, pay housing benefit,etc, all this would cost with the stay in prison about £150,000 during my life time.

    I thought the people who we elect to run the country were educated people and would understand rudimentry economics. Is it not more cost effective to write off the money (£16,000) than pay out that sort of money.

    We truly are a country run by Morons.

  3. bri on March 27th, 2012 8:22 am


    Id like us all to get together and legally challege the CSA in the European courts..are you interested and can we get others to join us. This is a battle.

  4. eddie on June 7th, 2012 7:37 am


    I thoroughly agree…….

    This is an issue that affects many and a battle that cannot be one on an individual basis. Points of (so called) law and breach of human rights need to be heard there must be a way forward and meetings and brainstorming i believe is the way . I live close to London and would like to get involved with the CHALLENGing of this Dickensian agency’s illegal and immoral approach. Anyone who wants to adopt this approach can contact me at [email protected].

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