I beat the CSA after twenty years

July 24, 2011

It has taken over 20 years but i have beat the csa, i asked for everything they hold on my husbands case right back from day one , it took a while but this huge parcel arrived and it took another few months to go through it all, but found so many errors and photo copies of things that they said they hadn’t received from us etc., that i then got on the phone and after arguing with the person that answers the phone who was trying to tell me they couldn’t discuss the case with me as I wasn’t down on the system (had the proof in front of me from the copies) got the first person ever to actually listen to me and act on what i was saying, and now have been told that we have a big refund due this is to everyone out there ….do not give up


  • sapman says:

    yeah yeah,,,, re post when and whenever you get it , because you wont…….
    dont you thing it was the ” the person who has ever listened to me ” new found answer!! agree with the person on phone and make them believe we care……
    if you win and get a refund you should tell everyone on here cos we been fighting this for years and i have had soooo many “lcase workers ” who understand and can see my views and yes i`m correct yet am still out of pocket each month !! but good luck

  • debbie whelan says:

    have had the assessment paperwork , all re done to 1994 .
    It states that the assessment was caused by changes in circumstances after the application was made………..not they they had caused all the trouble.

    http://www.nacsa.co.uk ……..got all my information of this site to help pursue my case

  • elizabeth says:

    I think its discusting how the csa don’t even assess her situation n change in circumstance but as soon as the dad changes bam there on it its so unfair on dads and the old system was even worse!
    The mum could have a new bf paying for everything and living off what the dad pay while his family has nothing!
    Thay take too much and leave people out of pocket back dating! It should be from when the dna has come through !!!!!!

  • Debbie steers says:

    Meant to reply sooner, we did get all our money back and it was all down to luck with getting someone on the phone that listened to us and she took the time to go through the whole case and found the discrepancies, she kept us updated regularly and till the very end.

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