CSA money spent on drink by ex

July 28, 2011

I have being paying maintenance to the C.S.A. since 2000, first for my daughter and son now for just my son, I have not had any contact with them since 2001 I did try and go for acessbut as i was unable to claim legal aide (my ex was) i could not afford the legal fees, (i was left with £80 aweek) I did speak to the C.S.A. about reducing my payments to help me gain access but was told that the welfare and well being of my children was not there concern just the collection of money! In 2006 i was informed that i would be moving to the new 2003 scheme.

In 2010 my maintenance was reveiwed and i was told that i was still on the old scheme as they had trouble with the computer system and i could not be moved over, My payments now are £459 amonth for one child and as the C.S.A. has now introduced benefit disrecard my ex gets all her benefits plus the maintenance, and the only people who benefit is not my son but the local pub, costcutters and boozebusters, so there is no way that she is going to agree to take a cut in money with the introduction of the new gross income scheme! So i suppose all this makes me one of those blokes that that David Cameron discribed as “WORSE THAN A DRINK DRIVER” and should be treat like an outcast, He should cop himself on it was his party who forced blokes like me to absent fathers, One more think if my girlfriend moves in with me my payments will go up!!

The C.S.A. won’t tell me how much until after she has moved in!! all they will say is that my protected income will be the same as a couple on income support but my payments could up £200 amonth more, Cameron goes on about family values and morals when i scheme which his party introduced makes it cheaper for me and my g/f to live together


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