Ex from HELL ducks paying the CSA

July 27, 2011

My son was born in August 2009, i was not with his father at that point, we had dated ror a number of months and subsiquently he had done a runner after informing him i was expecting. He has seen his son twice and i have had major problems ever since with the CSA. Not bad enough being subjected to taking a DNA test i then had to go through the pain of giving birth to him alone and the years since i have struggled finacially bringing him up. I have been with my current partner since my son was 4 months old and without him i know me and my son would be in an even worse dire finacal state.

I have never claimed benefits other than child benefit so since my son was 4 months old i have only been recieving 20 pounds a week. I orginally started getting CSA payments (two months) , but these soon stopped when my ex had another baby (one he also does not pay for or see.) The payment was then recalcluated between me and the mother of his other child.

It was then that my ex decided he did not want to pay for his kids and hatched this whole scheme…This story is so complex and complicated that although brief i am trying to cover all info. My ex is a supervisor on offshore oil rigs. He makes upwards of 60 thousand pounds a year (this i know from being with him for the time i was.) He drives a range rover and goes out partying, has regular holidays and leads an extravigant lifestyle. He also has a large home and dog he shares with his now fiance who also makes a large sum of money in her current job….so you might ask how has it come to the case that i today recieved a letter saying i am due to get 16 pounds a week?!!!? Hhahah…well i asked the same thing. Now this is by no means my first communications with the CSA. I have since October last year been chasing them every week on account of the 1000 plus pounds in arrears i am owed. The women on the phone was rude, had no sympathy towards my situation and was NO HELP AT ALL.

I was crying and pleading for some help and nothing. My ex has opened a new company said he is self employed and is claming he now makes 140 pounds a week. Bearing in mind the CSA have his old work info that he was making 60k plus! I cant understand why they can not see how defrauded they are getting my ex. I have no contact with him thank god but this whole situation is so stressful for me and my whole family.

I cannot understand how a man who earns all this money can be made to pay such a little ammount for two children he never ever sees. It is sick and the CSA and there excuses and not helping are making things a whole lot worse.

Any help or advice is sooo welcome? I feel completely alone in this mess.


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  1. karen bedford on July 28th, 2011 9:42 am

    Hi, very similar situation to me and many others, esp due to being self employed. Please join the facebook groups: child support agencies failings and other groups too for free advice and support. Good luck.

  2. misha on July 30th, 2011 10:30 pm

    sounds a bit similar to my situ. My ex ran to the hills when i fell pregnant, i went through the whole pregnancy and birth alone then he subjects me to an embarassing dna test just so he could buy himself time.he hasnt once seen or asked about his daughter. now i fear he has done a runner (because i believe he would stoop so low) and i keep telling the CSA this. I am powerless and can only leave it in their hands, its all just a big waiting game really. I think they should be more sympathetic to the PWC because at the end of the day, they are meant to be on their side. They should know what stunts these deadbeats pull to try and avoid paying for their children, there should be more done about it.

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