CSA making life hell for war veteran with PTSD

February 26, 2020

Had nothing but hell with csa, since last year I had an agreement with the mother, paying £160 which is affordable for me seeing as I am not in work as of my PTSD from war. She new all this and yet now the CSA have come to some conclusion that I earn more working when I am not I get GIP to help me and my family out. I struggle everyday to find a reason to live and I don’t need this every few months messing with my life. They want to now get £357 out of my wages as they think I am working. Its disgusting, my wife has been on the phone and even they cant sort that out with authorising her which they’ve done numerous times and still pending. They are a joke. Ive paid my way every month for 16 years. I thought I was done with ever speaking again to them. Its a joke and I don’t know what to do. I’ve sent my wage slips to them to prove im on same amount as have been since 2017. What can I do? If I have to pay extra me and my family will struggle. My wife cares for me and is no longer working. What do I do?

Son’s ex won’t take the DNA test

February 10, 2020

My son has paid and done a dna test mother keeps cancelling hers should have been done in nov she still hasn’t done it . They took attachment of earnings two months before the arrange date saying they can take it when ever. They said by asking for dna u refusing to pay. He us paying 240 pound a month and still waiting for dna test to prove he is the father . mother still not doing a dna.

CSA never helped me when money laundering ex wouldn’t pay

February 4, 2020

When I say my ex is prolific, I mean it. He is amazing, fudging figures, fiddling the Tax man, not paying any VAT and using women’s money to benefit his personal gains.

16 years ago I thought all my birthdays and Christmas’s had come at once, oh boy was I sadly mistaken. I conceived 2 beautiful boys with a man who genuinely didn’t want children as I had already a son of 13 years, but hey ho its been hard. When I left him after many episodes of getting me to sign for cars, paying his bills re-mortgaging my house many times to buy one thing or another, he eventually talked me into taking 35k out to buy another house. This time he was really on form, having gone through the motions together he managed to convince me in him putting the house in his name only. I asked the solicitor about this in a conveyancing meeting he suggested that a declaration of trust be drawn up and we both arrange percentages and it will be sorted. My ex went nuts at me in front of the solicitor continuing as we left.

I paid for all the renovations to the property as he was in Amsterdam for a week. I had 3 children a part time job and a four bedroom detach to get straight in a week. He returned home on the Saturday evening and by the Sunday morning he was telling me and my children to get out of HIS house. A year later we did as I couldn’t take anymore plus I guess the penny had dropped that he had abused me financially psychologically emotionally and he had abused my children too.

The police let us down, the system let us down its disgusting and nearly 17 years later he still continues to do what he has always done.

He failed to comply with the system when they asked him to pay maintenance.

Meeting another woman, the year I left she stupidly told him she had 40k in the bank as she’d lived with her father for 34 years. They opened a café, put and now have a restaurant. He has been money laundering for years, I have spoken to the tax office, and the child maintenance but to no avail have I ever got anywhere. The system stinks and it’s all wrong, I understand that everyone’s positions are different, but my life and my children’s lives have been affected by this both economically, emotionally and psychologically. It is no joke when your children self-harm due to the rejection of a parent who lives down the road with their new children etc. My ex has the greatest job to not declare, he has catering business, clients, customers, events you name it he has it. All I ever hear is well we can only check his bank account and because he pays himself a wage of £173 per week, he can’t afford to pay any more than £6,20 to his children.

The house I paid for he’s run it into the ground did not pay the mortgage for a year and now its looking at repossession. even though there has been a court order on him to look after and maintain the property since 2016. My journey with this animal is nearly over but what I want to share is that strong women like me who fail to admit defeat will conquer, but it’s the children that suffer, is it any wonder why the children of today are like they are.

Yes, I have well and truly been screwed that’s for sure, I have not been supported by the system in anyway shape or form and neither have my children, its disgusting, isn’t it about time someone re-wrote the laws of todays life not keep using old ones.

CSA taking massive cut of my wages even though I’ve always paid!

February 3, 2020

I’ve just had my wages arrested by the csa taking a massive 40% I always paid for my daughter and still do she is 19 now and my whole life but always paid and didn’t have dealings with csa but now find out my ex has always been claiming they now say I owe £12000 and there seems like nothing I can do because of lack of proof live with my new partner now for 10 years and pay her mortgage and car but all in her name so on paper I have no out goings so they think that £1000 a month is ok but I will not survive this and actually considering ending it.