CSA making life hell for war veteran with PTSD

February 26, 2020

Had nothing but hell with csa, since last year I had an agreement with the mother, paying £160 which is affordable for me seeing as I am not in work as of my PTSD from war. She new all this and yet now the CSA have come to some conclusion that I earn more working when I am not I get GIP to help me and my family out. I struggle everyday to find a reason to live and I don’t need this every few months messing with my life. They want to now get £357 out of my wages as they think I am working. Its disgusting, my wife has been on the phone and even they cant sort that out with authorising her which they’ve done numerous times and still pending. They are a joke. Ive paid my way every month for 16 years. I thought I was done with ever speaking again to them. Its a joke and I don’t know what to do. I’ve sent my wage slips to them to prove im on same amount as have been since 2017. What can I do? If I have to pay extra me and my family will struggle. My wife cares for me and is no longer working. What do I do?