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CSA making life hell for war veteran with PTSD

Had nothing but hell with csa, since last year I had an agreement with the mother, paying £160 which is affordable for me seeing as I am not in work as of my PTSD from war. She new all this and yet now the CSA have come to some conclusion that I earn more working when I am not I get GIP to help me and my family out. I struggle everyday to find a reason to live and I don’t need this every few months messing with my life. They want to now get £357 out of my wages as they think I am working. Its disgusting, my wife has been on the phone and even they cant sort that out with authorising her which they’ve done numerous times and still pending. They are a joke. Ive paid my way every month for 16 years. I thought I was done with ever speaking again to them. Its a joke and I don’t know what to do. I’ve sent my wage slips to them to prove im on same amount as have been since 2017. What can I do? If I have to pay extra me and my family will struggle. My wife cares for me and is no longer working. What do I do?

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  1. Hi

    Just read your post. I am aware that it has been on the site for a while and hope you have had some good advice by now.

    If not, I can advise you that the CSA/CMS were designed simply to make money for the government. They could not care less about children, fathers or mothers. They often do not pay the correct amount deducted from the father’s salary to the mother because they keep and put this wicked behaviour down to administrative error and some mistake. It is a lie! They also overcharge fathers often and make up fictitious arrears.

    You need to challenge the CMS but they are likely to run rings around you as they often do. It is very frustrating dealing with them directly and so I would advocate professional help unless you are resilient enough to deal with the issues yourself.

    They are clearly ignoring you when you correspond with them so I suggest you seek help. You are more than welcome to contact me on 0754 0062 567 or email me at [email protected]

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