Too good to be true

February 29, 2012

The CSA wrote to me on 16th Feb 2012 telling me that I am owed an overpayment of near to £1,000. I have to say this is out of the blue as I dont pay in via the CSA I pay direct to the pwc. Over the moon that they had looked at my case an decided they had took too much from me ( after years of telling them ) I rang them up to find out when the payment would be released for some operator to say ” oh your not getting it now it’s been stopped and I cant tell you why ”

Well I just cant understand why they bothered to send me a letter in the first place if they did not intend to give me a refund. What I would like to know is if anyone has had the same issue in the past and what is best to do about it.

I have written a letter asking why they sent me a letter in the first place and why the member of staff who stopped the payment could not be bothered to contact me and tell me. like the title said it was to good to be true.

Wrong payments for 7 years!

February 29, 2012

I have two daughters ages 10 and 7 and my youngest is ex hasnt seen them for 5 years even though my youngest has been very unwell and has had major heart surgery.

I am now in a new relationship with a small baby. For years the CSA were only taking maintenance for one child as i didnt realise my ex had told them the youngest isnt his.

For years i have been receiving £95 a month for the two children despite him being a regional manager he also has a second job and his girlfriend also has two jobs, he takes three foreign holidays a year, swans around in a soft top bmw and has just purchased a house. I am Read more

Backdated payment nightmare

February 28, 2012

After having my weekly payment raised to £52 per week, the csa then went on to tell me the payment increase had been backdated for twelve months landing me in debt for aprox £1200. I have never been in arrears and keep up with my payments. Not only have the CSA miscalculated my payments, they failed to notice the error for a whole year. After counless phone calls, i elected to deal with them only by post/mail. the next thing i heard after sending this notification was from Rossendales debt collectors chasing the amount on behalf of the CSA. Just dont know where to turn. The CSA seem to actively inhibit any contact other then their premium rate 0845 number.

Please help me, I am paying my son’s father

February 28, 2012

I have been paying my sons father maintenance for 8 years, currently £140 pcm by standing order. I have my son most weekends and holidays. My sons father has residency because it was decided in a french court as we split when living there. My son is now 12. I also have 3 other children (young adults) who I support but are over 18. One is college, one in an apprentiship. I work full time and do not claim benefits. My ex husband has decided to contact the CSA to get as much money out of me as he can although he has 2 businesses, claims housing benefit and tax credits. I earn Read more

CSA bullying me, I need advice and help

February 28, 2012

Hello there, I require advice and possibly your help. I have recently been contacted by the CSA and been re-assessed on my payments to my ex wife for my 12yr old son. I split from my wife approx 10yrs ago and in August of 2003 my ex-wife filed for csa payments. I have always paid, 6 yrs ago I remarried and we had a daughter who is now 4. Approx 2yrs ago I relocated to London from sheffield, My ex wife has stopped all contact with me and my son i have continually tried to see him but she has not allowed it for the past 4 yrs ( since my daughter with my second wife was born).

It is a very long story, I’d prefer to explain in more detail in person, The point of this is that they have now requested I pay over £300per month. I cannot afford this large payment Read more

CSA overpayment has now vanished

February 27, 2012

The CSA contacted me on the 15th Feb 2012 to tell me that i had made overpayments of close to £1,000 which they would shortly send direct to my bank account. I can say this was out of the blue as i pay the parent direct these days and have done for a number of years. Anyway I was over the moon at this news and it could’nt have come at a better time with trying to recover from christmas and a pay cut at work. I decided to give them a ring and see how long they would take to put the cash into my acount which i did today 20th Feb 2012.

Well as i should have suspected they told me that there was a note from the member of staff who sent out the letter telling em i was due the cash saying she had stopped the moneies being sent as there was an error with the comupter system. I was told a few things that did not make it any clearer to me at all. What I did understand is that even though I pay direct so the PWC the computer system that the CSA have has still been billing me so according to thier systems I owe 3 years or so.

I have asked them to send me written confirmation that they do not owe me anything and an explanation as to why they sent the letter in the first place. I just know that when it comes to the end of my paying the CSA ( rollo on ) they will try stinging me for the payments that the computer has decided I owe them still. I find it hard to believe that the goverments computer system is that bad it cant take the information inputted by a human. It shows that the CSA cant be trusted at all and they have been ripping NPWC off for years.

I pay for my kids and know theres obviously people out there who dont give a monkeys but it just fills me with anger when these people do what they want. I now have to explain to my 4 year old that I cant get the present she wanted for her birthday now Thanks CSA again. Has any one else had the same issues and what have they done with it Thanks for the moan

Do I pay CSA if ex puts children in a boarding school?

February 27, 2012

I wonder if you could please help me with a question I have with regards to paying child maintenance through the CSA

I pay the CSA monthly towards my children – this money obviously in turn gets passed onto my ex partner.

The children live with my ex partner.

My question is, my ex partner is going to be putting the children in a boarding school and I was wanting to know if I would still be required to pay the child maintenance that would go to her if the children are in boarding school?? She is not actually paying for the schooling – she is claiming through the government for a grant as she has said Read more

Why should i continue paying the CSA?

February 26, 2012

Since the separation of my ex wife and myself in October 2006, i have paid religiously the required amount of child support direct to the CSA, via direct debt from my bank account.

My daughter in question, has both reached the age of 18 in February 2011, and also terminated her further education 24th June 2011. She was already working prior to ending education.

It clearly states on the Child Benefit / CSA websites, that if a child has; 1. Reached the age of 18 2. Completed full time education 3. Works in employment more than 24 hours per week.

Then CSA payments are not required.

Taking the above points, i correctly made the last payment to the CSA on the 28th June 2011.

However, due to my ex wife NOT informing the Child Benefits department, that our daughter was working more than 24 hours per week in two jobs, she continued to fraudulently claim child benefits. The CSA are thus chasing myself for the outstanding monies between 28th June and the 5th of September.

I am being threatened, by the CSA that if i do not make this circa £800.00 +/- payment, then they will contact my employer to have the money removed from my salary. I am a Director of a large Japanese company and this will not help me in my career with this company.

I have reported this to both the Fraud section of the Child Benefit and the Fraud section of the CSA. I have also given both departments my ex wife’s new address, as they could not contact her through her old address, and also she had not informed the departments of this change of address.

The CSA tell me that they are informed by the Child Benefits that the Child Benefit department are only informing them that the case was not closed until 5th September 2011.

Please could you advise if i am correct or not.

Many Thanks and Regards
Nigel Spurr.

CSA won’t pay

February 26, 2012

I split up with my two boys dad about 10 years ago and to date I have never had a penny from the csa. He pays them religiously every single month but no money goes to the children. I started work just over a year ago and wanted the money he paid to come to me instead of to my benefits to be told they closed my case in 2007. I was livid because I never asked them to close my case and I thought it was still open. So I re-opened it, I was told it would take 6 weeks to sort out, 6 weeks later I phoned them back to be told I had no open case and I had to open it AGAIN, this pattern continued until September 2011, I opened the case so many times I have lost count. I had a letter 3 weeks ago saying they had finally sorted it out ( a year to the day that I first contacted them) and I was being awarded £58 month and I should receive payments in the next couple of weeks, brilliant I thought at long last.

Surprise surprise, no payments have been received so I phoned them back to be told there was a problem with the case and it was being re-assessed and would take another 4 months. The money would only be back dated until September 2011. I am so angry because the absent father has been paying them for years and they seem to be keeping the money. I would like to know where that money has been going and why I am being backdated a few months. I just cannot get anywhere with them and being a single mother that money would help a great deal. I have no idea how to sort this problem out, any help would be so appreciated because I have been pulling my hair out now for the past 14 months over this and getting no where.

My money is not spent on my child

February 25, 2012

I was paying money to my Childs mum in cash for a year or so and she would normally tell people I don’t give her nothing for my daughter, so I decided to go to the CSA and have them take care of everything so I could prove that I was paying for my child as I had a feeling I would have to go to court to get access to see my child in the future which did happen in the end.

So I have been paying her via the CSA for around 2 years now and she was getting £300 a month until I was made redundant and then the payments went down to £200 a month when I got a new job.

My child used to be dressed nice but since she has had another child with her new husband my child now looks like she is dressed in the same old cloths, shoe’s that didn’t fit her, jeans that were to big, jackets that where to small, me and my partner are forever buying and sending Read more

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