CSA overpayment has now vanished

February 27, 2012

The CSA contacted me on the 15th Feb 2012 to tell me that i had made overpayments of close to £1,000 which they would shortly send direct to my bank account. I can say this was out of the blue as i pay the parent direct these days and have done for a number of years. Anyway I was over the moon at this news and it could’nt have come at a better time with trying to recover from christmas and a pay cut at work. I decided to give them a ring and see how long they would take to put the cash into my acount which i did today 20th Feb 2012.

Well as i should have suspected they told me that there was a note from the member of staff who sent out the letter telling em i was due the cash saying she had stopped the moneies being sent as there was an error with the comupter system. I was told a few things that did not make it any clearer to me at all. What I did understand is that even though I pay direct so the PWC the computer system that the CSA have has still been billing me so according to thier systems I owe 3 years or so.

I have asked them to send me written confirmation that they do not owe me anything and an explanation as to why they sent the letter in the first place. I just know that when it comes to the end of my paying the CSA ( rollo on ) they will try stinging me for the payments that the computer has decided I owe them still. I find it hard to believe that the goverments computer system is that bad it cant take the information inputted by a human. It shows that the CSA cant be trusted at all and they have been ripping NPWC off for years.

I pay for my kids and know theres obviously people out there who dont give a monkeys but it just fills me with anger when these people do what they want. I now have to explain to my 4 year old that I cant get the present she wanted for her birthday now Thanks CSA again. Has any one else had the same issues and what have they done with it Thanks for the moan


  • mr.pink says:

    ‘Error on the computer’- that’s an old chestnut. In my overpayment case, this actually meant the money had gone to the PWC and the computer system would not allow a negative balance on the account.
    I had it in writing that my account was overpaid by several years and after 14 months of excuses, I had to take the CSA to the Small Claims Court to get them to cough up.
    Keep chasing,an Account Statement will show the maintenance they expected you to make plotted against your payments. You can then work out where you actually stand and if the overpayment is correct.
    I hope you keep evidence of the direct payments made to the PWC.
    Always make contact in writing because the advice given over the ‘phone is awful and inconsistent and you don’t have a record, unless you go to the Data Protection Unit for a copy of your fies.
    If everyone conducted important business, like dealing with this shower, in writing the CSA would collapse.

  • Taylor says:

    Csa contacted me saying i had overpaid by a sum of £424 , i said ok thanks just pay it into my bank account , the same one you have been taking it from for 5 years , the reply ” well its not quite that simple , we will send out a total of £224 in 3 instalments should take around three weeks , ok i said but what about the other £200 ? “oh that goes to the secretary of state sir ” !!!!!!!! , i was laughing as i thought it was a joke and said yeah ok but what happens to the other £200 , “no sir im not joking …..

    I just hung up in disbelief frankly .

    I do hope they enjoy my money in the bar after a hard days graft kipping on the leather sofas .

  • That is disgusting Taylor. I’m not sure what’s worse, the fact the money goes to the government or the fact the CSA employee told you without any hint of irony or apology, as though it was obvious they would steal it from you – why wouldn’t they?

    How can the CSA get away with theft like that? Utter scum.

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