Please help me, I am paying my son’s father

February 28, 2012

I have been paying my sons father maintenance for 8 years, currently £140 pcm by standing order. I have my son most weekends and holidays. My sons father has residency because it was decided in a french court as we split when living there. My son is now 12. I also have 3 other children (young adults) who I support but are over 18. One is college, one in an apprentiship. I work full time and do not claim benefits. My ex husband has decided to contact the CSA to get as much money out of me as he can although he has 2 businesses, claims housing benefit and tax credits. I earn a basic of £15333 pa plus commission which varies from £400 to £1400 pcm. I have contacted the CSA who have told me I should pay 15% of everything I earn including my commission as my children are over 18. I am in debt, have not savings, I am also leaving my current rented property as I am unable to keep up with the rent of £895 pcm and we have nowhere to live.

I have been taking my son on holiday every year, buying his clothes, football boots etc and giving him pocket money. I will no longer be able to do this. I will also no longer be able to support my elder children.

The CSA will cause my family serious hardship and I will be unable to provide a home for any of us. I feel like giving up and desperately want some help

I look forward to hearing from you.

Kind regards,
Victoria Brinkley