Constant CSA mistakes

February 25, 2012

I have always paid maintenance for my 16 year old child, even when I was not working. Birthdays, Christmas, School Trips and School uniform have always been paid by me in addition to the maintenance. I estimate I have paid about £65k in maintenance which I do not mind as my daughter is my responsibility. Two years ago I told my ex wife that when my daughter was 16 I would be lowering the maintenance payments as she could now get a full time job but she objected to this as she was now used to the lifestyle of part time work.My ex wife works part time as a school dinner lady which allowed her to be at home for our daughter before and after school.When my daughter turned 16 she went to the CSA and they sided with her.

The CSA wrote to me in October saying they would sort out a schedule payment for me. They sent me a letter saying I had to pay a schedule of £198 for November thereafter £288. I set up a direct debit for the £288 which started in December 2012 for the 15th of each month. On the 28th Dec post xmas I checked my balance and was delighted that despite xmas I had a couple of hundred pounds more than I thought Id have. I went to the January sales and spent a bit on xmas gifts for next year.

On the 11th Jan I got a call from the CSA saying they had made a Read more

Clothing and after-school care

February 24, 2012

Help. My ex-wife has never provided sufficient clothing for my children (10 and 6 – shared residency). I have had to provide supplementary clothing and school uniform items since we split 6 years ago. She basically provides the absolute bare minimum school uniform and no clothes for when the children are with me ,so I pick up the pieces and buy what she should be providing.

She unilaterally pulled the children out of after-school care on the days whan I have conatct with them, even though they had been attending for years. I cannot afford to pay for that care as well as the £427 a month I already pay her, so I have to rearrange my working day so that I can work from home, collect the kids and give them something to keep them occupied, then continue working. I cannot go on like this.

I asked her again recently to reimburse me for clothes. Only clothes from Asda for £57 –  nothing extravagant. She flat refuses. Yet when my kids were with me last week my daughter took home some knickers becasue she has run out of them at her Mum’s house.

Isn’t my maintenance supposed to pay for this stuff? The CSA tell me I can apply for clothing money to be reimbursed, but my ex- can state that I made a gift of the clothing, and so it cannot then be reimbursed. This is madness. I feel like I am being bled dry. Please help me.

Child maintenance and legal advice needed

February 24, 2012

Hi, My name is Gary. I split from my ex-partner about 6 months ago. we have 2 children, age 4yrs and 9yrs old. I’m writing to ask/seek advice as i feel i’m not getting treat fairly from my ex-partner and having my own children used against me. im 28, i work full time and have since i left school. i’m a dad who wants to see my children as much as possible and have always had an active role in their lives and still want to. Like i said im in full time employment and NOT on any benefits, i have no criminal record, dont take drugs and not an alcoholic. i have access to my children 2 nights per week in which they stay at my parents house with me which is where i live as had to leave the family home after the split. if this is enough information i would appreciate some help in where i stand with regards to my children? i have been paying Read more

CSA and their many hiccups

February 23, 2012

My husband has full custody of his three daughters. He did not initially. He has been diligently paying his back child support for the past three years. We have recently received a notice from the courts that one of the cases has been paid and closed. The very next week CSA deducted $2000.00 from his bank account. They said it was a hiccup in the system. What?1?! Now he is in the red by $1700.00 and owes a $100.00 over draft fee.

In addition, he has to miss work at least once a month because they say he’s not paying. Yet there is money deducted from his paycheck every week.

To make matters worse, we have not heard a word on last years tax returns. We know they should have gone to help pay down his back payments but according to the IRS they have no idea what is going on. They say it is still being processed over a year later? Now we have a tax advocate. My question is . . . Is there a CSA advocate. I realize there are many dead beats out there trying to dodge their responsibilities. We actually want to make the proper amends but the “system” keeps putting roadblocks up. Please help. I am also concerned as to what may happen to this years returns. Still haven’t heard a word. We would like that money to help finish paying off the second case. We are at a loss. We just are trying to do the next right thing and it seems as if they just want to shut the door in our faces.

Unfairly treated by the CSA

February 23, 2012

I split from my ex partner five years ago,due to him being mentally and physically abusive,taking our four children with me.When i applied for benefits(i had a 2 year old at the time)i was told that if i didnt apply for child maintainance i wouldnt get benefits or i would have money taken from me.My ex who was on benefits at the time,had five pounds a week deducted from his jsa,for about 5 months,then he fell off the radar so to speak.Since then he has contributed nothing to the welfare of his four children,but three years ago my eldest daughter decided she wanted to go and live with him,after a long time spent trying to change her mind i let her go as i wanted her to be happy.

Last year my son who turned 16 went to visit his dad,who he hadnt seen for over four years,and never came back.I today received a call from the csa,saying he had made a Read more

My story: DCSS trying to close my case

February 23, 2012

My exhusband owes over $53926.30 in arrears for child support. Our case started in 2001 and I was on aid for only 6 mo. Then got a job, luckily because he probably only paid child support in full 2 times. In 2004 he was incarcerated and convicted for molesting our daughter when she was only 7 years old. He was sentenced t0 13 years in prison. No possibility of early release. So in 2005 DCSS sent me a hearing notice indicating they were stopping his current child support payment of $660 a month for two kids. I was shocked and upset but they indicated since he was in prison with no way to pay, that was their policy. I asked if he would still be expected to pay the arrears even when my children were grown and they said yes. Now 2/06/12 they send me a letter saying they are closing the case as he has no income to pay child support and has no assets which can be attached for support for the duration of the child’s minority.

However, there is a new law that states that children who are still going to school (my oldest is 17 and still going to school) are still entitled to child support. So I am currently fighting the DCSS to keep my case open and make sure that when the kids father gets released in 10/2014 he will be required to pay the arrears, I am in debt from not having any financial help from him. Sacramento County DCSS sucks and continues to hurt this family by increasing my current husbands child support payments because his ex is on SSI and has never worked a day in the 12 years I have been with him. She is allowed to collect SSI and not report it as income and they don’t consider my husband having a child with me and helping me raise my 2 kids I get no child support from.

The system is screwed up big time.

CSA Stealing my Army Pension

February 22, 2012

I’ve been out of the Army since completion of 22 years full colour service since November 2005. My pension was paid immediately. All going to plan.

I was single – divorced. My daughter Kimberly was 18, and living with her mother back in Wales. I’d paid CSA until she was 18.

So. My monthly pension is £555. Every month without fail.

THIS month – February 2012, I see my pension has suddenly dropped to just £330.30p. I had no idea why.
On contacting Army Pensions in Glasgow, they tell me that the Child Support Agency have started taking over £200 from my account for reasons unknown.


I have no other children – just my Daughter, Kimberly who is 24 this coming September and has a daughter of her own.
How the hell can the CSA STEAL money direct from my account like this?

This needs sorting NOW. I have my house to pay and am suffering due to this crime against me. For them it’s obviously just a mistake – for me – it’s keep or lose my house if this isn’t sorted quickly. Costing me a fortune now, making phone calls back to the UK. I live in Holland.

Paying child support and have not seen my children in 6 years

February 22, 2012

7 years ago my wife at the time and I split up because of her getting caught with another man. I have 2 beautiful daughters from that marriage. Any way I let her have the house and vehicle and money.. Next thing I know there is a man living in my house with her (Her Boyfriend) I was living with my cousin and could never get in touch with her. So 2 weeks went by and I went to house and she was gone along with belongings.

So ended up going to domestic relations and setting up child support for my girls and health care. They lied lied lied lied to courts saying they were residents in another state and was able to take the girls out of state with out me knowing anything. I have not seen them since. I have never missed a payment I talked to the girls a couple times but then mother changes phone number… Last time The new husband offered me $80.000 for me to sign over the girls And of course I told him where to stick that $80.000.

Then when I said no he said he will see to it that I never see my girls again.Here I am struggling to Read more

Ex stopped me seeing my daughter and accused me of child abuse

February 21, 2012

I currently pay my ex partner direct but my csa case is still open. I received a letter from the CSA last year saying my maintenance should be zero as my daughter is classed as living with her grandparents (although my ex partner also lives there) i am worried about contacting the CSA direct to ask them as i dont want to stir things unless i am certain.

My ex partner stopped me seeing my girl for 4 years but i now have her once a fornight although recently my ex has been trying to drive a wedge between me and my daughter even comparing me to a child abuser.

I am married with another 2 children and am struggling to make ends meet each month. I want to reduce the payments by 50 pound a month but am worried how my ex will re act, if this zero thing is true then i have no qualms about doing it.

My case against the Child Support Agency

February 21, 2012

In brief, I am labelled a sensitive case. My issues are huge and complex, the latest is that despite the fact that we have notified the agency of a whole host of change in circumstances, due to divorces, sale of overseas properties etc of which the aency has failed to action by way of supersession. The word supersession is the legal term they give to an amendment. Because of their failings the arrears has continued to rise as per their original calculations (when I was asset based, as opposed to earnings based).

Through all of this I have continued to pay them the sum of £383.00 for the last child still under their juristiction in the system. As you can imagine this is far less than they were receiving when I was asset based. The arrears has amounted to the sum of £17k on 1 and £11k on another. total £28k. Most recent events was a tribunal held in Nov 2011, by where the tribunal pointed out to the agency that they have failed to make any amendments over the past 6-7 years now.

There argument is that they have responded, but the tribunal does not have juristiction over them and they can continue to ignore our supersessions. Well, this week, despite the fact that we are awaiting the amendment which they do admit to, only going back to Oct 2010 we have received a letter of demand from the bailiffs, giving us 1 week to pay one of them £17k, no doubt the other one of £11k is still waiting in the wings. We have tried to argue that they cannot enforce this upon us this is still in dispute.

But according to Richard Alexander at the CSA they can do what they like. I have paid out to my solicitor £12k for work to put our case accross to them and it has not got me anywhere.

I have received calls to my business address, leavaing messages with my receptionist that they are bailiffs and coming into collect. I am now looking to complain but where do I begin. Its seems the agency are a law unto themselves, and very powerful. I have until Monday to pay?

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