CSA doesn’t actually do anything

February 20, 2012

My ex was paying maintenance every now and then saying I’m sorry can i give you it another time.i told him id go to csa if he carried on n said well you do that but you wont get a penny.

He carried on paying me here and there so i went to the csa.

It has now been with the csa two years in April and i dont have a penny,he owes nearly 2000 pound and csa have every bit of detail, like his business, car he drives and yet nothing has been done.they have sent bailiffs and taken him to court and still havent managed to get any money or even try and make a deal with him.im starting to think that i was better off before I went to the CSA.

Want to make a formal complaint against the Child Support Agency

February 20, 2012

I am wondering how I go about making a formal complaint about the Child Support Agency. To put it briefly I called the Child support agency to advise them that my current partner was pregnant and the dates we were to expect our daughter. The man I spoke to advised me that as soon as our daughter was born to contact them straight away and they would freeze the payments or re calculate the payments made to my ex partner for my son. However this was not the case and it seems a long process before this is sorted, they told me that I needed to obtain a child tax number…. and we all know how long that can take with HM Revenue weeks….months even.

Anyway this was just the start, my concern is that there is not enough care given to fathers paying maintenance, I currently pay my ex partner £34.00 a week out of my basic pay of £227.00 as if that isnt bad enough with having to pay rent council tax bills etc, im sure you can imagine we have to be careful just with the food we buy. Anyway when I rang the Read more

Ex moved over two hundred miles away, taking my son

February 19, 2012

Well the story begins when the ex decides to move to Wales – 238 miles away from where I live. No discussion, no nothing just upped and moved. When I go to see my son and bring him home to stay for a week it costs me around £120 in petrol several £ for the rest breaks and of couse I maintain a safe and warm place for him to stay with me with food and heating etc.

God belss the CSA they allow me a £3 a week variation which if my maths is correct is £156 – isnt that nice fo them.

In addition to this I pay £55 a week for the expenses of my son BUT when he comes to stay with me for a week I still have to pay his mother £55 for the same week – how does that work?

Now if I had moved to Wales I could understand it would be my problem having to pay the fuel bill but as it wasn’t mw who moved how come I get the fuel bill. I don’t mind Read more

Partner’s ex could ruin our lives with CSA

February 19, 2012

My partner and I have just been through an horrendous court case over the custody of his two children. We wanted shared residence and she contested, despite the fact we had them pretty much 50/50. After she lied in court and basically made our family look like pedophiles and child neglecters, we decided to give her full residence on the understanding the contact stayed the same, 50/50. But we ended up coming out of court with less days and on top of that she has now made a claim with the CSA, who have treated my partner as though he is some kind of deserter. He was the one who took her to court in the first place to stop her from cutting contact as and when she felt like it.

He tried to explain to the CSA that we had the children almost half of the time and that we already have a third child in the house, but this didn’t matter at all. They are now demanding he pay all off his arrears in one payment or they will come and seize our belongings.

If they do this then we will have no money to pay any bills and the kids certainly will not be able to eat or bathe when they are in our care. What makes us really Read more

Ready to chuck it all in

February 18, 2012

I have had a torturous 8 years of hell with the csa and we are at the final stages now. when iu first left my husband due to constant verbal abuse (slag whore bitch every single day) i pai the mortgage and gave him £130 a week. he still got in touch with the csa. He contacted them three times and eventually i told him if he did it again i would pay only what they asked for. Every single time i was beginning to get on with my life they would be there.

Eventually they told me i had to pay him £37 a week so i reduced the payments i was giving him from £100 plus the mortgage paid to £37 per week. This went on for years until i set up my own business. cut a long story short i ended up in arrears due to a good year Read more

Mothers who shouldn’t be

February 18, 2012

1996 i met a girl who moved in down my rd.it was there my world changed from fittness football to the abuse and violence threw drink and dugs, 9yrs with my ex,working since the day i left school was jt abuse and because they own the house they can treat u like shit ????? Every week she had my wages thinking for bills rent?no claiming still an partying .

We did sort out a fort night bassic when my daughter stays and that has stay ,but in 2008 i feel over 20 ft nearly to death,but because i never told them “HOW I DONT NO” THAT SHOULD OF BEEN MY MAIN PRIORITY???????? Why should i owe 30 pound a week when ur half dead ???? But my ex is having a great time and reminds me every friday i have to collect her so she can go out an get high on money me and my daugter loved to out on a sunday to bowling!!

I will fight this csa cause the nothing but money grabbing bastards.

CSA wants money but daughter has left college

February 17, 2012

I have a 16 year old daughter. She grew up with me until she was about 4. It was then i caught her mother cheating, she moved out with my daughter and took everything i owned.

I contacted the police the child services and i had no help from them at all, I could not even find my daughter after looking for years. Five years ago she got in contact and yes i wanted to see my daughter. We got on well and had a good relationship for about 1 year then everything changed. She showed no emotion towards me nor wanted much to do with me apart from text messages asking me to buy her things.

Well i had my daughter for the first time this Christmas and what a nightmare, she would not get out of bed would not talk to anyone so i left her to it.

Next thing i got the police at my front door on Christmas day, I was accused of kidnapping my daughter, (they found no evidence of this). So i took her home boxing day, I asked her how she was getting on at school and she told me she had dropped out and was not going and looking for a job. As well as shocking me by telling me she has a 22 year old boyfriend who stays with her!

So thats how i left things with her, Not spoken since and i now have the csa asking for money, I dont mind paying at all but why should i when she is no longer in full time education? I have asked the college for a report on her course work ,ie, whats she is studying and when, but as i am not on the birth cert i have no right, I would like to know how i can find this out?

And why do i have no rights towards knowing my daughter’s education?

CSA closed my case saying they couldn’t find my ex

February 17, 2012

I have been waiting 13years for a payment from my sons father csa closed my case after 5 years without me knowing as they could not find him, so he has already got away with 5Years of payments. I had to open a new case on him which was 6 years ago every time i call for up date i get told they have to give him 13 wks this has been going on for 5 years. He has never had nothing to do with his son since he was born. But through his family memebers know he marride and had another child and his new wife comes from a wealthy background and i personally have seen him driving around in a rather expensive car.

I have struggled to find work had different jobs to try make up my hrs as goverment say you have to work 16hrs or more which i have to find work that works around my son its been a very hard 13years struggling why the absent parent lives a grand life its a disgrace.

In my experience csa penalise the parents that are already paying towards there children and the ones who have never paid or avoid paying get waay with it.

Shared custody yet still I pay CSA

February 17, 2012

I’m in the same boat as a few others on this website. My ex-wife and I share my daughter 50/50. Split like I have her Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday one week, then Tuesday, Thursday the next week. So in effect every other day and every other weekend.

My ex-wife had numerous affairs, I finally had enough and moved ou. I’ve ALWAYS had contacy with my daughter and have paid my way. My ex gets all the child benifit and I have just as much expenditure with regards to the upkeep of my daughter, as she does. Yet I still have to pay her a couple of hundred pounds a month.

As far as I can make out, she doesn’t get enough school uniform a month to justify the money. Her sports clubs, of which I still pay half, don’t cost that much. I still have to pay Read more

Fathers Avoiding the CSA

February 16, 2012

For 9 years my daughter’s father has been actively avoiding the CSA. It’s bad enough he has decided to take nothing to do with her (although his friends are all under the impression I am keeping him from her!)but he would rather she went without than let her have a penny.

After years of jumping from job to job to avoid paying he seem to have given up work completely and somehow has managed to buy a house and a car. Presumably his new wife is supporting him.

After some digging I have discovered he is doing some casual labour but the CSA have advised me that the inland revenue would view this as too small a Read more

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