Why should i continue paying the CSA?

February 26, 2012

Since the separation of my ex wife and myself in October 2006, i have paid religiously the required amount of child support direct to the CSA, via direct debt from my bank account.

My daughter in question, has both reached the age of 18 in February 2011, and also terminated her further education 24th June 2011. She was already working prior to ending education.

It clearly states on the Child Benefit / CSA websites, that if a child has; 1. Reached the age of 18 2. Completed full time education 3. Works in employment more than 24 hours per week.

Then CSA payments are not required.

Taking the above points, i correctly made the last payment to the CSA on the 28th June 2011.

However, due to my ex wife NOT informing the Child Benefits department, that our daughter was working more than 24 hours per week in two jobs, she continued to fraudulently claim child benefits. The CSA are thus chasing myself for the outstanding monies between 28th June and the 5th of September.

I am being threatened, by the CSA that if i do not make this circa £800.00 +/- payment, then they will contact my employer to have the money removed from my salary. I am a Director of a large Japanese company and this will not help me in my career with this company.

I have reported this to both the Fraud section of the Child Benefit and the Fraud section of the CSA. I have also given both departments my ex wife’s new address, as they could not contact her through her old address, and also she had not informed the departments of this change of address.

The CSA tell me that they are informed by the Child Benefits that the Child Benefit department are only informing them that the case was not closed until 5th September 2011.

Please could you advise if i am correct or not.

Many Thanks and Regards
Nigel Spurr.


  • chall says:


    After leaving school or college, a child still counts as a being in f/t education until the end of a fixed period after they leave, which coincides with the beginning of the next school term (terminal date) OR until their 19th birthday, which ever is soonest.

    If a young person does any paid work of 24 hrs or more a week before the terminal date, s/he is no longer counted as a child unless the work is temporary and expected to end before the terminal date.

    chall ~ afairercsaforall

  • melanie parton says:

    its age 20 now not 19…… changed in 2012 and if they leave in june they still get paid cb till the beg of sept so you have to pay until the beg of sept around the 2nd ish depends on what year we are in and what monday it falls on but around this date..

    I must point out tho any child that is working cannot work MORE THAN 24 hours or CB STOPS and so does your payments as cann ot claim CB if work more than 24 hours

  • Lisa says:

    Depends what system your on, people on the first scheme CSCS it’s usually case closed at 19 and child benefit ceasing, we have also been told at 19 case closure is actioned on child benefit stopping, unless you nag and keep complaining they will keep taking till the “child” is 20, I have never known a child aged 20, the CSA keep changing and moving the goal posts and depending which office you ring they will always give you false info, they obviously don’t have a clue how to do the job the tax payers pay them to do, no wonder so many lives are destroyed by incompetent idiots

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