Too good to be true

February 29, 2012

The CSA wrote to me on 16th Feb 2012 telling me that I am owed an overpayment of near to £1,000. I have to say this is out of the blue as I dont pay in via the CSA I pay direct to the pwc. Over the moon that they had looked at my case an decided they had took too much from me ( after years of telling them ) I rang them up to find out when the payment would be released for some operator to say ” oh your not getting it now it’s been stopped and I cant tell you why ”

Well I just cant understand why they bothered to send me a letter in the first place if they did not intend to give me a refund. What I would like to know is if anyone has had the same issue in the past and what is best to do about it.

I have written a letter asking why they sent me a letter in the first place and why the member of staff who stopped the payment could not be bothered to contact me and tell me. like the title said it was to good to be true.


  • David says:

    I am a non resident parent something that I’m not particularly proud of and have to admit spent many years tryin to avoid c.s.a. I was only young and thought the c.s.a were the big bad wolves trying to take all my money and not because I thought the resident parent had applied for it, I was 17 what can I say dumb I know. (this was the old c.s.a) and as the years went by very now and then I would receive a letter to say the debt was this and that, and the larger it became the more I tried to avoid it and no payment was ever taken from me.

    I had contact with my son when the mother would let me but this was intamittent however I must add that I did have a private arrangement of a set amount each month plus extra expenses, and most times and when it was allowed I used to have my child stay with me every second weekend, but after some heartbreak the relationship with myself and my child’s mother turned sour and contact with all my family members was ceased.

    By mid 2009 I had settled down and been in a regular job for a few years, I was unexpectedly hit with an a.o.e and when queried it with my payroll discovered it was for child support. I contacted child support who indeed informed me that I owed just over £10.000.00 and they would be taking payments until it was cleared which is now.
    I never disputed this and as I was older and a bit more wiser I wanted the debt cleared once and for all.

    I contacted c.s.a in November 2011 and asked for a breakdown as I knew it was ending in march 2012 and since July 2010 I had received no information of this ongoing debt, I was told it would take up to 12 weeks to receive a breakdown of payments made as they didn’t deal with the desision making and had no way of knowing how much I paid, I found this incredible but knowing that 12 weeks would bring me up to about march I was polite and waited.

    Fast forward to march 2012 no breakdown received and I knew the arrears were due to end so I contacted them again for peace of mind to discover that yes they have a call logged of me requesting a breakdown in November but this was not done, they were very sorry and that they would ensure this was done however this will take up to another 12 weeks for the paperwork and in the meantime they will keep taking the payments as a.o.e.

    I have kept a log of every single payment I have made and have all my wage slips so I know the debt is paid, unfortunately though c.s.a isn’t able to decide weather the debt is paid so until then the company I work for have to keep sending money and I have to keep paying.

    (word of warning too if you are the person paying child support agreed directly to the resident parent then ensure you can prove those payment were made as I discovered in my case the mother was receiving both child support and private payments from my self which I was not able to prove also any time you spend with your child also counts)
    I didn’t thik at the time because I was just grateful for being able to see my son and didn’t think about the situation of when it was no longer amicable.

    So now I’m labeled an ABSENT father and I guess that label sticks when trying to evoke some answers or a final end to this debt I will have long since paid before it is resolved.

    If you read this for reading any negative or positive feedback welcome.

  • j says:

    Get a copy of your Data Protection prints, you may find the answer in there.

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