Ex not interested in seeing his son

October 31, 2010

10 years, thats how long I have waited for the CSA to find him assess him, garnish his pay, which is of course when he left his job to become self employed, find him again assess him again, take him to court to get him to pay the £12k in arreas, then move his case to Scotland, where he now lives, to then tell me as the law there is different, and he “clearly” does not have the money, because he says so…. then they have had to wipe the slate clean and…. oh the icing….. he doesn’t have to pay any more until he has an income again.

I can only hope that he genuinely is as poor as he claims or my shear incandescant rage will burn him to a crisp from 500 miles away!
He has not seen his son for 10 years, no birthday cards not a christmas gift not one single phone call, no matter how I have begged and pleaded, untill I remarried two years ago and gave up.

He is not interested, and I still have to ask for his permission for my husband to adopt a young man who adores him. Sucks Huh!

Ex tells me to ‘f-off’ when I ask about son

October 31, 2010

In 1999 I seperated from my wife. Our child then four was taken by my wife and I was rapidly disposed of. Although shortly after our seperation I was told that by law I had a right to see my child I was never aloud to do so and not long after, my then wife fell off the radar. other than divorce papers landing at my parent I heard nothing from her.. In effect she had denied me my parental rights…10 years go by and then BANG…CSA…By means of a DEO started taking part of my wage leaving me with 30%…After three months of phone calls and letters settled at a 40% deduction.. that’s £132.82 a week.

At this point i’m at my parents can’t afford to get a place of my own. can’t save for a deposit. can’t afford rent.. my exwife surfaced 6 weeks ago. I found her on “facebook” she owns a salon in rodley nr, Leeds she looks to be doing fine..forth holiday this year,new iphone, just nipping out to do some holiday shopping, was her phrase of the day.

I phoned her last monday asked her if I could see my boy she told me to F***off. nice (she’s like that) anyhow, the new husband came to the phone seemed right enough, told me he had CSA problems daid his ex wants 17k…(sorry about that steve)..but it looks like i’m paying it? …

I have phoned and written to the CSA..about the claim and the DEO they say Tuf..

Ex wife didn’t declare she wasn’t entitled to CSA payments

October 30, 2010

The CSA admitted that they took money from direct from my wages from June 2010 because my exwife still claimed child benefit. Following much correspondence the CSA agreed she was NOT entitled to this.I am owed over £700. They are constantly avoiding repaymentment even though they have sent me a letter dated 10th Sept.2010 stating the amount I am due to.

They change their stories and am denied to speak to the supervisor. I have a list of names and dates when I spoke to staff and copies of the letters. I also will seek compensation for expenses and for the stress caused to me trying to reclaim what has been taken from me unlawfully.

Why are these b*****ds avoiding paying me back what shouldn’t have been taken from me?

Lies from the Child Support Agency

October 30, 2010

I have consistanly paid via standing order since my daughter was 2yrs 6 months to my then wife after we split.

The amount calculated was £288 approx. I never ever claimed for shared care.

I am now being askedto pay £540 per months as my ex wife alledging I have not had my daughter more than 52 nights per week for last few years and that I should not have had the reduction. I also have a car allowance from my company in my salary and now CSA debiting £540 per month from my actual salary. I have had 2 face / face meeting with no assistance / guidance or help to assist. I have my own financial committments and I am financially and emotionally at breaking point with this situation and again the innocent parties always have the issues left at the door.

My formal complaint to the CSA

October 29, 2010

Formal Complaint to the CSA: I wish to complain about the amount of public money the CSA continually wastes. Not only does the “organisation” not do its job effectively as proven by the many errors that I have experienced over the past twenty years it wastes money in the process.

You informed me in 2005 that I was no longer liable to pay for my daughter as she is 19.

Then for the next two years you sent me a “ream” of paper with a statement informing me that my liability for my daughter was “zero”, another waste of money, time and effort.

Earlier this year you sent threatening letters to me stating that “I was in arrears to the sum of £495.95 dated between “1997 and 2005”. It took several phone calls to ascertain why I owed this money and the dates in question were actually outside of the parameters of the dates set down in the letter as the original letter stated early 2005 and the actual period was the middle part of 2005. Therefore a waste of time, effort and money was expended even before we got to agree that there was an amount owing.

You never make it easy to understand the details you put down. The original letter also stated that this sum was owed not only to my daughter but to my son, who was 19 in 2002, therefore way outside the period in question. Your excuse when asked was that it “Was inside the accounting period for calculations”. No it was not as the period in question was beyond the latter date posted for 2005. The period was for several months beyond it.

When I questioned this with the case officer all I got was the usual indifferent surliness I have come to expect from the staff at the CSA. When I asked any question that did not sound like I am willing to pay a certain amount per month your case officer started to sound like a stuck record merely repeating the same sentence and making it as obvious as possible that I was not worth her time to talk to as a human being.

I was informed by the case officer that “We can do anything we like for as long as we like” when I stated that it was unfair that “The CSA had taken 5 years to chase up their oversight”. I was informed by the case officer that “It does not matter how far back it goes, in fact we have cases we are chasing (oversights) exceeding twelve years” as though it was something to either vindicate the situation or something to be proud of.

We eventually agreed that I would pay £50.00 per month until the debt was paid, (10 months).

I received the paying in slips with a letter dated 20th July 2010. I would have received the letter perhaps the 22nd of the month.

I agreed that I would pay each month when I got paid, 23rd of each month. I paid the first instalment on the 27th July 2010 (I retained the counterfoil of the paying slip as evidence). The 27th was the first week day that I was able to get to a bank to pay.

I have since paid monthly as agreed on or just after pay day in both August and September 2010.

Imagine my dismay and anger when I received another letter from you on Saturday 16th October with a paying in slip enclosed demanding an immediate payment as I have missed a payment.

The last time I looked three payments in three months all around the date I get paid means I am up to date with a further payment due on the 23rd October 2010 which will be made on the 25th when the banks open.

Even when we have an agreement and I am fully cooperating you find it necessary to harass me causing distress and anxiety, which I receive medication for. I, therefore find it reprehensible that the CSA has to employ such “Bully-boy tactics” because it has the power bestowed on it by government and the law “to do effectively what you like with little or no reproach”.

You seem to make mistakes and mess peoples lives around at will because you know we can do nothing to you in return because the law always gives you a way out of any problems you cause.

However if the boot was on the other foot and I made a mistake or underpaid or failed to make a disclosure you would soon be on my back, however you can overlook a deferment for five years then act as though nothing is wrong.

Sending that letter last week was totally unnecessary and a waste of public money especially in a time when the government are slashing jobs and public spending. I don’t know exactly how much your charges are for each letter of that type are, however based on a standard bank letter rate of £12.00 per correspondence multiplied by the number of other people you send unnecessary letters to (as I am far from unique in this treatment) the waste to the public purse must be astronomical?

Under an FOI application I received the CSA stated that for “Every £1.00 that the CSA recovers from absent parents it costs the public purse 44 pence” or 44% in terms of running costs.

Question: How is it then that the CSA is “Value for money?” when it is costing the public almost half as much as it obtains?

Within that FOI letter the respondent stated:

“The Commission does this through its three core functions, which are:

1. Promote the financial responsibility that parents have for their children;

Response: I take issue with that statement as you also harass and hassle parents who also have working and amiable private agreements that neither went through court or the CSA but because it didn’t the CSA feels it has the right to interfere where it was not invited.

2. Inform parents about the different options available, guide them to those most appropriate for them and support them in making private arrangements; and

Response: The CSA like any other government department is a public service and as such should only become involved in a situation when requested. Many times the CSA has used its “enforcement card as a right to involve themselves in an amicable agreement between parents”. The result has been the dissolution of and deterioration of the relationship between the two parents and in some cases the severance of contact between the child and the absent parent. Yet the CSA maintain the illusion that is there for the “best interests of the children”.

3. Provide an efficient statutory maintenance service, with effective enforcement.

Response: As I have demonstrated the CSA is far from “efficient” in its serving of maintenance and what I stated today does not even go close to the maladministration I have experience since the CSA’s conception. However, you do the role of enforcement with the passion of a zealot and treat everyone who is an absent parent as though we are “guilty of a crime”. The tone of your letters is “unnecessarily aggressive with threats of punitive action if we don’t comply”. You do not treat each case individually and for you to send such a letter when it was the CSA who actually made the error of overlooking the deferment and advising me that I no longer was liable is derisory. It is hardly my fault that your people cannot do their jobs correctly. The CSA case officer even had the nerve to try and put the blame on me by stating that I should have known that the non-liability letter did not include the deferment period. When you receive a letter stating that you are no longer liable t!
hen you feel that you are no longer liable. If the letter stated that I was no longer liable for the main payments but may be liable for the deferment in the future, there would be no issue. It is not for the likes of me to do your job for you as I do not expect you to do mine.

I am not naive enough to think that you will not use the old chestnut of “We cannot discuss other cases but your own” when I have broached on wider subjects that are inconvenient to you. The usual stance of the CSA is to hide behind this excuse when it does not wish to answer uncomfortable questions. For the record I have not specified any other cases in detail but various scenario that have come to be typical of the CSA over the past twenty years.

On this basis I have also addressed this complaint through the Prime Ministers Office as well for their viewpoints as I am fed up with the cavalier attitudes of the CSA and their waste of resources and the problems they cause for families.

CSA case worker says ‘get a loan’ to pay CSA

October 29, 2010

The usual with the CSA. I am paying £415.70 every month. The letter also state: after the relevant amount for child maintenance has been taken, the amount of money left for you must not be less than £408.63 month. This is your amount of protected earnings. It may be that, over a certain period, you don’t have enough earnings to pay the full amount.

In today’s world can anybody pay rent/mortgage, pay bills and pay for other essentials on £400. In this case, your employer will simply carry forward the shortfall and add it to your next payment. If CSA had a choice they would and probably take every last penny you have. I am absolutely fed up with CSA, they should change their name to KMA. They refuse countless times to acknowledge that my circumstances had changed over 6 years ago. Mr Hancock, not too sure if that is his real name had the balls to tell me to take out a loan of over £22,000 to pay them. I could not believe it when said that they really Do NOT care.

Son’s ex runs off with neighbour, hardly ever see my granddaughter

October 28, 2010

My son was living with what we all thought was a wonderful girl. But after 13 years she went off with a married man, he was married with 2 kids and the worst thing was he lived across the road to them and we thought he was our friend. We were all devestated by this and we all had to accept it, my son is paying his csa and is happy to do so but at the end of the day, this guy is living with his daughter and my son can only see his daughter when his ex says!

I think this is so unfair because she is the one who went off with his so called neighbour.

Now im not stupid, it could of been the other way round, and i know things like this happen every day, but i can bet if my son had went off with someone,the out come would be the same, the mother, no matter what! gets custody. So my advice to anyone splitting up is Read more

CSA problems from both sides

October 28, 2010

My problem is I have been caught in the CSA trap from both sides. I have a 13 year old daughter of my own. I lived on my own for 10 years. The CSA pursued my ex for maintenance for the first 5 years of my daughter’s life but because he was self employed they never caught up with him. When my daughter started school I went back to work and brought her up alone.

I met someone when my daughter was 10 and we moved in together a year ago. My partner also has a 12 year old son who resides with my partner’s ex and he has been paying maintenance for his son through the CSA since he was born. Before we moved in together we asked the CSA how it would effect us living together and were told that in all likelihood our payments would decrease because there would be another Read more

Exen my ex is angry at the CSA

October 27, 2010

Anyone that thinks the csa are doing are kids or the public and favours are just showing the the goverments this scam of lieing to rob fathers is working.

I for one have always payed csa while working but years ago i was out of work for a bit witch the csa knew then 7 years later i get a letter out the blue saying i owe £3000. The csa said they had no idea i was unemployed for ths period even thou i know they did 100% and this is why they never told me for 7 years.

So i offer to send details from job center of being unemployed at this time which they rejected as the goverment has given them power so the courts dont look if you even owe the money (so i have no rights).

So now im forced to pay £3000 to csa that wont go to my ex or are kids plus they have taken this £3000 away from my current wife and are kids so how are the csa helping kids? nice to know ive payed £3000 towards some mp morage.

Even my ex is pissed at the csa for taking my money that i could use on are kids lol so now how can they say they are helping anyone when me my ex and are kids will be more then happy to stand up togther and call them liers.

No money, but still CSA hounds me

October 27, 2010

I’ve just been on the phone to the CSA , i had a D.E.O of £900 per month. however since losing my job in may ive not been able to pay. so they phoned me today and told me i owe £11,000+ … great, this goes back to 1998 . however i was in jail from 99 – 2005 and there saying i still owe £28 per week for the time i was in there , i only earnt £7 per week mopping floors. so there saying they want 4 times more then i was earning ..plus my ex was living in germany from 95 – 98 and they still want me to pay for that.. never had any letters before 2007, and then in 2008 it was coming direct from my wage . 40% of my wage was going to a ex who doesnt have are daughter living with but lives with her gran .

What can i do? My head is up my arse. then to top it off my case worker JOHN DUNN gives me his personal thoughts of what sort of father i am . i would love to see my daughter but her bitter mother has twisted her against me. i have another daughter to a wonderful woman and things are great, she knows i give what i can and is thankful unlike the bitter ex .

CSA really needs closing down and have something more fair put in its place.

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