crazy csa

May 30, 2009

i got brown envelope today,Gus Wat they say i owe them £970what the hell,i call and as, they said u haven’t paid for years,we call you and send you so many letters but no replay,i ask way didn’t you write to my home address then i would have receive,they said we don’t have your home address so we wrote at you work place,they so shit they just make u sick,don’t have jobs for 5years and still looking for me at my works place,what a shit asshole

Contact denied when PWC feared a drop in payment

May 29, 2009

So yet again it to battle I must go, spent 2 years fighting the csa regarding arrears, disputes regarding when me and the ex first split,although I had all the documents and evidence that contradiction what the ex was saying the csa took NO notice,ICE was no good, local MP no good, so I lay down and gave up. (Rolled over) paid the arrears another victory to the csa.

Contact with my daughter has always been good, she started school September 08 and due to the school holidays contact was going to be a problem, I lived in the south of England and my daughter lived in north, for 2 years I travel and collected her, spent 9/10 day at my home and return to the north to drop her off. But september and school had new implications, I was offered a job in the northeast and after discussing this with the ex, concluding that this would benefit my daughter and increase the contact mid week and weekends, victory at last….

So 8 months pass, no problems good contact, I contact the dreaded CSA and ask for a reduction in payment due to new contact agreement, the bomb shell hit the ex and within days contact is reduced to every other weekend, the csa are now increasing my payment….looks like ive shot myself in the foot, but only following csa guide line, PWC / NRP should contact the csa as soon as there are any changes in circumstances. The CSA advise me years ago to document all overnight stays with my daughter, I done so for 3 years and never opened my mouth, as soon as I thought i was doing the right thing, getting a reduction due to the over nights all hell breaks loose.

Currently contact is 50/50 why shouldn’t I have payment reductions, Ive all the supporting documents, photos, holidays away, But it all boils down to her word against my, and I know the out come, the csa will take her word and rubbish every things ive kept and logged for the last 3 year, its not a system, its disgusting…hold tight were in for the long ride.

CSA have put me in debt I can’t pay

May 28, 2009

I divorced my ex wife a year ago now and I have been paying the CSA large amounts of money. They messed up my payments and took my entire wages in one month and now I am left with nothing for the month. I am now owed £500 and have been told I can not get this money back and it will not be deducted from my monthly payments. I have bills to pay and can not pay them including car insurance and car tax that would mean loosing my job if I dont have a vehicle for work.

I am in extreme debt already from the marriage and am told by the CSA that the debts are all my responsinility and they would not take them into account and it is my problem. I am having to live on sofas at friends houses as I can not afford to rent now and am now near to bankruptancy because all the debt has been transfered to me!!!!

CSA make up arrears payments

May 27, 2009

Hi i have been dealiing with the csa for the past eleven years and it has been pure hell.i have been on a deduction from earnings order since around 2000 ,since then things have gone smoothly and you kind of with it my elder son came of all this in 2007 when he started work all was well my payments come down to £114 a month i can get through this i thought,UNTIL LAST THURSDAY.When i got back in from work ther on the door step a brown envolpe which has turned my life upside down again.I opend it to find a post it note (which i still have) handwritten telling me i have been re assest on thomas(my son) and from 1-1-2006 i should have been paying £168 a month and i now owe them £2971 on top of evry thing they want it to start now ,i rang them up about it and how they have come to me oweing so much when i have been on a dedudtion from earnings order all the time and i still paid for daniel for an extra year. i was told i had had the extra money now i had to pay it back and if!

i did not pay £100 NOW ON MY CARD THEY WOULD START TO TAKE £650 a month until it was paid back now i call this bullying and blackmail by a government agency and none of it on official paper but a bloody post it note .two things making me mad why do i have to pay anything back not my fault they got it so wrong and who had the extra money i have already paid i woluld love to bring all this to media attention as eleven years of shit is enogh for anybody

many thanks

Lorin laffar

CSA (Modern Day Nazi’s) Hell

May 26, 2009

I have had a private arrangement to pay maintenance with my ex-partner since the birth of my daughter in 2001. I have been paying maintenance even while I was unemployed for 18 months. However, over the past few weeks I have been receiving unpleasant letters threatening legal action over arrears I have incurred from the CSA.

Over the past few years I would occasionally receive a call from the CSA regarding my financial responsibilities and I would explain my private arrangement, which seemed OK. However, their attitude has recently changed and are now claiming £745.

I contacted my Local MP Gerald Howarth who contacted the CSA and got the arrears lowered to £245, as they realised I actually had been paying maintenance every week. However, this morning I received a letter claiming arrears of £345. When I contacted the CSA to confirm the conversation between the MP and the CSA, the CSA admitted they had made a mistake and I now owe them £545. Why can they make up their minds? Do they know what they are doing? How come the amount keeps changing?

*On the 14th May I spoke to the CSA again and I now owe them £900.

While I was unemployed I still made sure I paid my maintenance. During this period I incurred some personal debt. I am astonished that the CSA do not take into account a person’s personal circumstances and net income to assess how much a father should pay.

I am expected to pay £80 per week to clear my arrears which I simply cannot afford. According to the CSA this is my problem and I must pay, otherwise they will take the money directly out of my account. This will leave me no money for other debts or money for food and rent. When I explained this the CSA said “my financial circumstances are not taken into account”. Does this mean in order to meet my duties in the eyes of the CSA I have to not pay my rent, not meet my other financial duties and not eat.

I love my daughter greatly and have regularly buy her clothes, food and medicine over the, which I will not been able to do anymore. The CSA are treating me like a criminal!

I find it very hard to believe that someone who has always provided for my daughter, who has never claimed any state benefits who always pays my taxes is being harassed by the CSA who are treating me like a criminal.

Why can we have a system where child maintenance is assessed on the net income, taking into account the fathers financial commitments before bankrupting people? I am amazed that this has been allowed to continue for so long, something needs to be done. Will it take someone to commit suicide before anyone take any notice of the attitude and incompetence of the CSA.

CSA threaten to take money from my employer

May 25, 2009

CSA Complaint

I am a father who loves and gives as much as he possibly can towards his children who is being threatened by the CSA who have no evidence, with letters and verbally with prison, asbo’s, bailiffs, legal costs, having my house taken away, as well as my driving licence and passport and that my credit rate would suffer.

I am on low earnings and have been paying more than I should towards my children according to the CSA’s online calculator. On top of these payments I pay towards my children’s clothes, school trips (2 or 3 a year) music lessons, etc. I also have a 7-hour drive weekends to pick up and return my children to which the CSA have only just allowed me £7 a month off their wrong assessment.

According to the threat mail I have been receiving from the CSA they can take a non-resident parents wages off their employer even if it leaves the none-resident parent with nothing until such a debt is paid off. I asked Beverley at the CSA that if I was employed and living with a pregnant partner with children they would still take all my wages from me even though they have made an error. She said that “this is the hard line that the CSA take”.

I also had a threatening phone call on my personal mobile which is only used for family and close friends at 7.15pm from the CSA, threatening to take me to court if I didn’t pay up. When I asked how they expected me to pay this I was told I just had to get the money from somewhere and pay it. I receive these types of phone calls now on a monthly basis.

I would also like to point out that at the present time I am paying the CSA accounts office more than what I should according to their on line calculator.

The whole situation is causing a lot of stress and anxiety to my partner and me. My partner has had to have unpaid time off work sick due to this and we are now both on anti depressants. The CSA harass us for details with regards to partner’s earnings, which should not apply apart from 50% of the mortgage. We give and do everything we possibly can for the children and go without for them.

The CSA have failed to assess me fairly according to their own legislation in the leaflets that they have supplied to me.
They are not sticking to the formula for calculating a maintenance assessment, which is part of the Child Support Legislation, laid down by parliament.

The CSA are assessing me on made up figures supplied to them by my ex partner that is not true with out any evidence.
They are also taking my gross earnings without taking into consideration Tax, National Insurance, Pension, Mortgage repayments, Endowment Payments, mortgage repayment plan, and Self-employment Expenses (petrol etc.) as it says they should in their leaflets, and calculating a maintenance assessment on my gross income and not my net.

They have looked at my bank statements, accounts and tax returns, and seen that September to March is my busiest time of year and calculating this as an average and then projecting this figure for the rest of the year and then back dating this to 2001. This is surely unfair and breaks the law.

The CSA will not explain to me why they are assessing me unfairly.

There is a misadministration with regards to my case.
For example taking incorrect enforcement action, failure to respond adequately to correspondence.


On many occasions I have requested an interview with one of their staff based in my area as offered by them but to no avail, as I still don’t really understand ‘departure’. If it means I need to pay more a week than I clear it must be wrong.

Some weeks I can receive up to five brown envelopes in the post (its like that Harry Potter movie but instead of birds it’s the postman) from the CSA which include untrue and unfair accusations about me and my partner sent to them from my ex partner, which I find totally unfair and puts stress on our relationship. I have filled 3 secretary size box folders with letters and replies to the CSA over the last couple of years. They use bully tactics based on untrue accusations with no evidence supplied to them by my ex-partner

I feel that this is a big waste on taxpayer’s money, money that could be donated to a good cause like children in need.
In the past I have always thought the CSA was a good organisation set up to see fair play. I do have sympathy for my ex-partner. I have had experience living on my own looking after the two children whilst studying and working part time to try and make ends meet with no extra help at all. (They are assessing me for this period to)

A friend who is an ex-policeman, who has been in the same situation as us told me that he has read many articles in the past of fathers committing suicide because of unfair pressure put on them by the CSA. I can see why with the unfair bully tactics that they use.

We tried to help my ex partner out by sending her extra money with help from another member of the family. I found out through one of the CSA letters that because of this she had reported me to the Inland Revenue making out that this money was undeclared income.
In the past my father has helped me out financially since my ex partner abandoned the family home for 6 months and left me the two children whilst I was studying and had little work. When she had sorted her life out she took the two children from me and left me with all the household debts to pay off including her parking tickets and speeding fines that she had accrued whilst using my car to cruise around the country side to various music festivals and parties.

The CSA are trying to make out that my lifestyle is inconsistent with my declared income. Most of the accusations with regards to evidence supplied to them by my ex partner are untrue,

What good I am to my children when I’m in prison with an asbo round my leg whilst the CSA loot my home. When I come out of prison I will not have any work and with a prison record will not be able to gain any work in my profession again. I will not be able to support my children or see them, as the CSA would have confiscated my driving licence and I would not be able to afford to buy a car let alone run one. Even if I did manage to see them we would have nowhere for them to stay, as we would be on the streets, as they would have taken my home away and I would be on the dole. As well as this I would not be able to borrow any money, as I would have no credit rating. I would not be able to move abroad to try and make a fresh start to try and support my children again as the CSA would have confiscated my passport.

I am now going to be issued with a court order if I don’t pay £27,000 in the next 8 days. Yes that’s £27,000. That’s nearly three times my gross yearly income.

I am now seeking legal advice which does not come cheap. I think the CSA should foot the bill.

This letter is just the tip of the ice berg, I could write a book.


CSA force a DEO on me without notice

May 24, 2009

On Saturday 16th May. I recieved the dreaded brown envolope, which was opened anyway. I took the letter out and read that because of a mi-calculation by the CSA from September 2005 I now owed £6329.04. I have been compliant from day one in 2000 paying for 9 years. Since my contact with them I have had to persitently complain. In 2005 the I.C.E. found 15 faults with my case between 2000 and 2005….5 of which were serious. I recieved £350 pounds in compensation. I did have spell when the son who lives with me was at university but living at home, and I did reduce my payments by £20 per month, but still paid. Surprise in 2008 the CSA stuck a DEO on my income without warning to recover alleged debt in January 2008. Probably to aide a bonus seeking clerk. Now I receive this bombshell £6329.04. The CSA/CMEC are complete and utter shambles. What sort of democracy are we living in? Important matters involving children belong in the courts with Professional,Qualified, Personnel,!

with FREE legal advice for ALL parties. I will not be voting in June or at any other time until the CSA/CMEC are disbanded. I will be spoiling my ballot paper with the words ‘shut the CSA/CMEC done NOW!’ may I suggest all other ‘injured’ parties do the same!

Overpaid the CSA, how do we get money back?

May 23, 2009

My partner received a letter from the CSA in February 2009 stating that his liability for child maintenance had ceased in Dec 2007. He has overpaid by 10 months totalling to over £3000; of which he wrote to the CSA to claim his money back to which they agree that he has overpaid. It is now May 2009 that he still hasn’t got his money back, although over much correspondence and telephone calls they keep saying they will either send him a cheque or direct to his back account.

Please help! We are at the end of our tether…I’m sure if it were on the other foot and he owed them money we would probably be in court now! Also how come it took so long for them to notify of ceasing of liability?

CSA demand arrears I don’t owe!

May 22, 2009

hi im steve i have 3 kids by 2 diffrent parnters.

for years i have paid my csa direct from earnings a deo order which i set up through the csa myself.
but the last few years they have kept coming back saying i owe arrears? which i didnt understand how this could be but aggred to pay.

to day i was called by the csa saying i owed £500 pound plus one months arrears off another £500 pound?

i challenged the query and in fact i dont owe a peny as i have paid through the deo as required.
i was told by the lady on the phone that they had not recived it and i would have to pay it again?
i told the lady that they are responsible for collecting and i have paid and could prove she said its not my problem its yours and you will have to pay it again where not here to sort out my problems its down to me.

my company phoned the lady at the csa and asked them to speak to our head office payroll manager.
the csa have refused to do this and told my company the same as they told me as its my problem not theres, i should get my company to write a cheq or ill have to pay it again myself, my on site payroll clark told the lady that i had paid the payments for years but they didnt want to know they said they have issued the new order and i will have to pay even though i can prove and my company can prove i have paid they are not prepared to look at the facts and the backs payments from my company and the new letter for the new deo is on its way?

it looks like i am going to have to take them to court as they are not prepared to talk to the payroll off a large int company.

the company payroll have said this is rediculos and very unfair how can i prove i have paid iff they want look at they payroll deo which have been taken from me

Why won’t the CSA listen to me?

May 22, 2009

My husband and i have just had a letter from csa demanding £3,000.00 not to mention the fact that they have just set up an AO (administration order) to take over £300.00 out of our account every month … we have had no notice whatsoever to any of these actions they have took.. i dont dispute the fact that we should pay .. what i do dispute is the fact that that is over a 3rd of our monthly income .. n we have two children of our own ..

when we tried to explain that we would pay but can we not come to some lower kind of payment .. we were told in no uncertain terms that the “CSA was priority over rent, council tax, utility bills.. etc.. etc.. what hope have we got now .. this is going to cripple us for the foreseeable future,.. are we going to lose our house?? .. we barely survive as it is .. what with my husband being on the minimum wage.. we try to better ourselves by my husband working .. so we dont have to claim off of the government … but whats the point in working.!

. when now we would be better off signing on … what is wrong with these people … y cant they just be a bit reasonable .. where do they get their figures from .. n y cant the ppl u talk too be a lil bit more understanding … the thing is my husband said he would rather go to prison then watch his current family starve .. n do u know wot she said .. ” u can do wot u like Mr Pinches but we will still be waiting and wanting payment from u when u get out” ..

how can u possibly communicate with these ppl … “WTF”..

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