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crazy csa

i got brown envelope today,Gus Wat they say i owe them £970what the hell,i call and as, they said u haven’t paid for years,we call you and send you so many letters but no replay,i ask way didn’t you write to my home address then i would have receive,they said we don’t have your home address so we wrote at you work place,they so shit they just make u sick,don’t have jobs for 5years and still looking for me at my works place,what a shit asshole

2 thoughts on “crazy csa

  1. a 5 year old child could do their job better. they bleed the good father’s dry and dont give a toss if you cant pay your rent so no roof over your head means where are you going to have your kids over night the fucking park… letter say’s one thing and the next letter says another….
    no wonder some men kill them selfs over the c.s.a im a woman and i feel so sorry for some men out there…

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