CSA force a DEO on me without notice

May 24, 2009

On Saturday 16th May. I recieved the dreaded brown envolope, which was opened anyway. I took the letter out and read that because of a mi-calculation by the CSA from September 2005 I now owed £6329.04. I have been compliant from day one in 2000 paying for 9 years. Since my contact with them I have had to persitently complain. In 2005 the I.C.E. found 15 faults with my case between 2000 and 2005….5 of which were serious. I recieved £350 pounds in compensation. I did have spell when the son who lives with me was at university but living at home, and I did reduce my payments by £20 per month, but still paid. Surprise in 2008 the CSA stuck a DEO on my income without warning to recover alleged debt in January 2008. Probably to aide a bonus seeking clerk. Now I receive this bombshell £6329.04. The CSA/CMEC are complete and utter shambles. What sort of democracy are we living in? Important matters involving children belong in the courts with Professional,Qualified, Personnel,!

with FREE legal advice for ALL parties. I will not be voting in June or at any other time until the CSA/CMEC are disbanded. I will be spoiling my ballot paper with the words ‘shut the CSA/CMEC done NOW!’ may I suggest all other ‘injured’ parties do the same!


  • single mother says:

    it seems to me that there r alot more people trying to help the parents that dont want to pay for there children rather then help the parents that actually look after there childern,by giving these parents help on how not to pay child maintance just makes me sick, maybe people should be trying to help the childen that go without and help them get the nonresedent parent to stick there hand in there own pockets and take responsabitly

  • Stretch says:

    You know what makes me sick? that the CSA care not one joy about the welfare or benefit to the child, only the numbers and the stats.

    I am sure you are writing from a different perspective than I, but having had over £200 taken from my wages this month without warning I hope you will understand my frustration. If not, perhaps the fact that my ex started seeing her boss, moved to be near him and took my daughter with her, gave notice to our landlord without my knowledge, forcing me to find the nearest available property to rent, refused to listen to any reason with regards to arrangements for nursery so we could share looking after my daughter, committed benefit fraud to the tune of £2000, has a company car not registered as a company benefit (so not taxed. both of these matters reported and ignored) and arranging a local nursery to her place which is too far from me to reasonably allow me to have daughter on weeks without her being exhausted etc etc… and I now don’t have enough to pay my rent and council tax, let alone bills. So now I will not be able to afford to live where I do, buy furniture for when my daughter comes to visit, take her out, buy her things. Can someone please explain how this benefits her in any way?

    I would much rather spend the money on my daughter when I actually get to see her. I did not walk out on my daughter, she was taken from me, and now she and I suffer as a result.

    I would completely agree with you if all those seeking to avoid the CSA were arrogant people who had abandoned their children without a care. But the harsh reality is, based on my own experience, they are people who cannot believe the unfairness of the system.

    It is simply offensive that the CSA can walk all over a situation with scant regard for the reality and take what they choose, no matter the consequences.

    As with the removal of the basic right of protest in London, and numerous other pointless laws introduced in recent years, the CSA appear to be of little benefit to children or parents and more for the imbecilic morons who supposedly ‘work’ there…

  • Phil Swain says:

    This is a typical response from those that purport to support the system as is. You will notice that the writer assumes parenthood for the father to be the payment of money. You will also see that they use the phrase “help the children” by the payment of this money.
    Of course there is an easy way to get men to pay for their chioldren – give them the children and YOU have access. You won`t do that though willyou? Becuase the money isnt really for the children is it? Its for you and your so called “looking after the children” is just a way to have a lifestyle without having to go out to work and pay your share of it.
    The only fair way for the payments to be collected are to link payment to care and custody by having each parent have the child for half opf the time and pay for their half themselves. That stops any argument over money , property and more important takes away the mothers ability to use the child as an object with which to make money.
    The courts could order that you cannot divorce and must both live in the family home until a second home has been obtained for the parent to move into and have shared custody of the child.
    So what about work? Well the answer to that is more simple than you might think. They should both work. If they cannot look after the child themselves because of work they have a choise of uing the extended family, an au pair, nanny, child-care , or buying care time from the other parent .
    In this way there is no need for the CSA.

    The reason people write comments like that is that single mother on July 30th is that they are trying to protect a vested interest – usualy money, property or both.

    The strange thing is that this approach entrenches everyone – including thew child in poverty. So the mother isn`t acting in the best interest of the child. And if she went to work properly for her own income her child would understand the need to work to pay bills and would be likely to do same

  • Jason says:

    My son and daughter had part time jobs while at college and were expected to pay £30 each a week lodge.
    My son has already told me that he does not see any of the £1268 the CSA take from me on a DEO each month. His mother however does tell him about the holiday pot that gets bigger and bigger each month, they have had 1 family holiday this year plus her and the new husband are about to go on their 5th of the year. The other thing that has been paid for out of this pot is the breast enhancement and lipposuction at the end of last year. The latest is a tummy tuck in december in prague. THE CHILDREN COME FIRST?????? I ASK YOU??

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