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CSA demand arrears I don’t owe!

hi im steve i have 3 kids by 2 diffrent parnters.

for years i have paid my csa direct from earnings a deo order which i set up through the csa myself.
but the last few years they have kept coming back saying i owe arrears? which i didnt understand how this could be but aggred to pay.

to day i was called by the csa saying i owed £500 pound plus one months arrears off another £500 pound?

i challenged the query and in fact i dont owe a peny as i have paid through the deo as required.
i was told by the lady on the phone that they had not recived it and i would have to pay it again?
i told the lady that they are responsible for collecting and i have paid and could prove she said its not my problem its yours and you will have to pay it again where not here to sort out my problems its down to me.

my company phoned the lady at the csa and asked them to speak to our head office payroll manager.
the csa have refused to do this and told my company the same as they told me as its my problem not theres, i should get my company to write a cheq or ill have to pay it again myself, my on site payroll clark told the lady that i had paid the payments for years but they didnt want to know they said they have issued the new order and i will have to pay even though i can prove and my company can prove i have paid they are not prepared to look at the facts and the backs payments from my company and the new letter for the new deo is on its way?

it looks like i am going to have to take them to court as they are not prepared to talk to the payroll off a large int company.

the company payroll have said this is rediculos and very unfair how can i prove i have paid iff they want look at they payroll deo which have been taken from me

3 thoughts on “CSA demand arrears I don’t owe!

  1. Hi Steve,

    Have you confirmed with the CSA which month they are claiming they have not received payment for and can you obtain proof from your employer that they processed the funds to the Agency?

    Although your employer may well have deducted your DEO from your wages and sent it to the agency, there are a number of reason why the funds may not showing on their system and remains unassigned.

    If I can assist you with this matter, please contact me on the forum at

  2. Hi Steve,

    I would suggest using to re-check and counter claim what the CSA are doing.

    I have them working on my case and already they are finding; lies, mis-calculations etc also I might be the first to bring a civil claim against a CSA member of staff for losing my job.


  3. I am the parent with care and was awarded £23.13 per week, £100.23 per month. Eventually after him dodging the CSA for 15 years.Every month I recieve £100.93 no idea why the differance, but every xmas the CSA reduce my payment by £8.40(70p x12 = £8.40) until the last year when they decided I owed them £84.00!!!! I had to phone and tell them someone had put the decimal point in the wrong place.

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