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Overpaid the CSA, how do we get money back?

My partner received a letter from the CSA in February 2009 stating that his liability for child maintenance had ceased in Dec 2007. He has overpaid by 10 months totalling to over £3000; of which he wrote to the CSA to claim his money back to which they agree that he has overpaid. It is now May 2009 that he still hasn’t got his money back, although over much correspondence and telephone calls they keep saying they will either send him a cheque or direct to his back account.

Please help! We are at the end of our tether…I’m sure if it were on the other foot and he owed them money we would probably be in court now! Also how come it took so long for them to notify of ceasing of liability?

2 thoughts on “Overpaid the CSA, how do we get money back?

  1. Issue them with a liabilitity order which can be done at small claims court , will cost you £30 or not much more .. if they still donr pay balliffs can go into there offices to retervive the payment or remove goods ask for the interst you would have recieved that you may have lost

  2. I have a similar problem, this has been going on years, both my Daughters are grown up, the CSA is still insisting that I pay none existent arrears, despite being able to prove that I have actually overpaid. By comparing what I have actually paid from day one via my payslips to what they say I should have paid there is an over payment of £18,000 yes Eighteen Thousand Pounds!

    I have almost given up hope of justice on this, so don’t hold your breath for a cheque in the post, it most likely will not arrive.

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