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Contact denied when PWC feared a drop in payment

So yet again it to battle I must go, spent 2 years fighting the csa regarding arrears, disputes regarding when me and the ex first split,although I had all the documents and evidence that contradiction what the ex was saying the csa took NO notice,ICE was no good, local MP no good, so I lay down and gave up. (Rolled over) paid the arrears another victory to the csa.

Contact with my daughter has always been good, she started school September 08 and due to the school holidays contact was going to be a problem, I lived in the south of England and my daughter lived in north, for 2 years I travel and collected her, spent 9/10 day at my home and return to the north to drop her off. But september and school had new implications, I was offered a job in the northeast and after discussing this with the ex, concluding that this would benefit my daughter and increase the contact mid week and weekends, victory at last….

So 8 months pass, no problems good contact, I contact the dreaded CSA and ask for a reduction in payment due to new contact agreement, the bomb shell hit the ex and within days contact is reduced to every other weekend, the csa are now increasing my payment….looks like ive shot myself in the foot, but only following csa guide line, PWC / NRP should contact the csa as soon as there are any changes in circumstances. The CSA advise me years ago to document all overnight stays with my daughter, I done so for 3 years and never opened my mouth, as soon as I thought i was doing the right thing, getting a reduction due to the over nights all hell breaks loose.

Currently contact is 50/50 why shouldn’t I have payment reductions, Ive all the supporting documents, photos, holidays away, But it all boils down to her word against my, and I know the out come, the csa will take her word and rubbish every things ive kept and logged for the last 3 year, its not a system, its disgusting…hold tight were in for the long ride.

2 thoughts on “Contact denied when PWC feared a drop in payment

  1. Hold in there mate – appreciate your position.
    You are not going to get fair in this situation – with an ex that appears to be starting to equate time your child spends with you means less money to her..
    I would advise you do what feels right given the circumstances – is it not possible to work closer to where you child is – only say this in that you appear ready to move some distance – why not closer to your child etc
    If not you may have to bite the bullet – every other weekend is still quite a lot of contact compared with a lot of people for their children and over the 14 yrs that I have been in this system I have forged good relationships with my kids based in the mean on one weekend a month and half of all school holidays etc
    Your right it is a tough ride – but you can reap the benefits in the end if you try and do what you think is morally right and in the best interests of the children.
    I dont mean to sound flippant – but money comes and goes but an opportunity to spend time with your child/ren is an opportunity that should not me missed/ messed.
    Good Luck..

  2. Thanks for your comments…
    Yes ive move 260m miles to be closer to my daughter, Yes I do get to see her as much as possible, that was the idea of moving, me and the ex had discussed this and agreed that it would be a good thing and benift our daughter in the long run. I see my daughter more often than her mother, this is the problem, why should I pay as if I have no contact, each time the csa contact her she denies that I see her and the csa always take her word..I have all the supporting documents.
    for 3 years Ive had to take photos of my daughter each day I have her, each morning…this is just to prove that I have my daughter, but still im branded a liar.

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