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Why won’t the CSA listen to me?

My husband and i have just had a letter from csa demanding £3,000.00 not to mention the fact that they have just set up an AO (administration order) to take over £300.00 out of our account every month … we have had no notice whatsoever to any of these actions they have took.. i dont dispute the fact that we should pay .. what i do dispute is the fact that that is over a 3rd of our monthly income .. n we have two children of our own ..

when we tried to explain that we would pay but can we not come to some lower kind of payment .. we were told in no uncertain terms that the “CSA was priority over rent, council tax, utility bills.. etc.. etc.. what hope have we got now .. this is going to cripple us for the foreseeable future,.. are we going to lose our house?? .. we barely survive as it is .. what with my husband being on the minimum wage.. we try to better ourselves by my husband working .. so we dont have to claim off of the government … but whats the point in working.!

. when now we would be better off signing on … what is wrong with these people … y cant they just be a bit reasonable .. where do they get their figures from .. n y cant the ppl u talk too be a lil bit more understanding … the thing is my husband said he would rather go to prison then watch his current family starve .. n do u know wot she said .. ” u can do wot u like Mr Pinches but we will still be waiting and wanting payment from u when u get out” ..

how can u possibly communicate with these ppl … “WTF”..

3 thoughts on “Why won’t the CSA listen to me?

  1. Always thought that arrears payments had to be negotiated – would consult with your MP on this one..
    Going to prison is not going to assist anyone – ask for a full break down of the assessment and calculations in respect of your case – and speak with your MP in respect of your ability etc to pay – and request their assistance with your plight ..

  2. im in the same senario,and i cant understand why they dont take utility bills into consideration when we all have to pay them?

  3. I hear where you are coming from !! i have my kids 4 nights per week (for almost a year) and that makes me the resident parent , however i have to pay the csa arrears and a monthly amount because my ex wont sign anything to that effect. Why ?, because it pays her. all those benefits and ensures she dosent have to work unlike me.

    I was asked to give them the dates i have them , she denied it, therefore im a lier other wise why am i paying them to support my kids then paying to support them a second time in the real world.
    When i asked them to investigate it physicaly i was told the dont get involved in that side of it !!!. But thats fraud isnt it ?. not according to there guidlines apparently.

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