CSA Mistakes

CSA have put me in debt I can’t pay

I divorced my ex wife a year ago now and I have been paying the CSA large amounts of money. They messed up my payments and took my entire wages in one month and now I am left with nothing for the month. I am now owed £500 and have been told I can not get this money back and it will not be deducted from my monthly payments. I have bills to pay and can not pay them including car insurance and car tax that would mean loosing my job if I dont have a vehicle for work.

I am in extreme debt already from the marriage and am told by the CSA that the debts are all my responsinility and they would not take them into account and it is my problem. I am having to live on sofas at friends houses as I can not afford to rent now and am now near to bankruptancy because all the debt has been transfered to me!!!!

2 thoughts on “CSA have put me in debt I can’t pay

  1. My heart bleeds purple piss. The only reason people end up entangled with the CSA is because they are too cowardly to face up to the responsibility of having children. Especially you, you lowlife freak. You put your own son out on the street. You didn’t even have the balls to finish yourself off.

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