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CSA make up arrears payments

Hi i have been dealiing with the csa for the past eleven years and it has been pure hell.i have been on a deduction from earnings order since around 2000 ,since then things have gone smoothly and you kind of with it my elder son came of all this in 2007 when he started work all was well my payments come down to £114 a month i can get through this i thought,UNTIL LAST THURSDAY.When i got back in from work ther on the door step a brown envolpe which has turned my life upside down again.I opend it to find a post it note (which i still have) handwritten telling me i have been re assest on thomas(my son) and from 1-1-2006 i should have been paying £168 a month and i now owe them £2971 on top of evry thing they want it to start now ,i rang them up about it and how they have come to me oweing so much when i have been on a dedudtion from earnings order all the time and i still paid for daniel for an extra year. i was told i had had the extra money now i had to pay it back and if!

i did not pay £100 NOW ON MY CARD THEY WOULD START TO TAKE £650 a month until it was paid back now i call this bullying and blackmail by a government agency and none of it on official paper but a bloody post it note .two things making me mad why do i have to pay anything back not my fault they got it so wrong and who had the extra money i have already paid i woluld love to bring all this to media attention as eleven years of shit is enogh for anybody

many thanks

Lorin laffar

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  1. Reading Lorin Laffars story is an indication of how British and European lawyers have got involved in Child Support issues recently,with CMEC and all the erroneous enforcement laws that come with this flawed company.

    This is NOT democracy this is all about Persecution and Prosecution.

    Involve your M.P. ask them about ‘Common Purpose’. This is where all the agencies get their heads together to gather information on you. They will be nice to your face and backstab you at the same time. But thats Life/Politics!

    You need to put an appeal in and contact the Independent case Examiners Office. You should also ask your M.P. to reder your case to the Parliamentary Ombudsmans’ office regarding continued and prolonged maldministration.

    But what do I know I’ve only had 9 years of them.

  2. Lorrin – make contact with The National Association of child support action – NACSA – their details available on their website
    They are an independent body – who will happily challenge this situation for you – I have a friend who recently went through similar ordeal and he made contact with them and the matter was sorted out..
    You will have to pay a one off fee – they reliant upon such support this around about £40 giving you 12 months membership – but for this cost you will obtain a wealth of experience from persons used to dealing with the CSA.
    I am horrified at your experience – to think such a drastic life changing situation was sent on a post it note from a government agency – they should not get away with such tactics and for that reason I agree with the post above and feel you should contact all as stated..
    Please make contact with Nacsa and let them guide/ help you through this unfair and unjust period..
    good luck

  3. If there has been a re-assessment pending since 1-1-2006, there will be NO challenging this. The agency can, and indeed will ‘backdate’ the calculation, thus creating ‘arrears’ on the case.

    Are you aware how the agency acquired your earnings info for this period and is the calculated liability correct?

    Lorin, join us in the forum at – we have agency trained experts in CSCS (CS1), who can check your calculation for you, and offer advice, free of charge.

  4. what an evil money making scam the csa is, they are only on the mothers side or the parent who has custordy of the child, they are almost like robots, with no heart or soul!! most non parents of the child work their guts out but still have the csa demanding more and more money, where is it sll going to stop!!
    my husband is not allowed to see his kids, his ex partner slept with all the squaddies, bringing them home whilst my husband slept- as he had to be up early for work the next day then decided to up and leave my husband taking the kids to germany as she moved in with her army lover, he has not heard from his ex for 15 years, but all the while he has been taken to court, for maintenance, and now has to pay 40% of wages to csa, we are now married i already had 2 children when i met him and now have another 2, but with low income find it a struggle to live day to day, the csa is taking money from my childrens mouths also so they are going without things they need, it really makes me angry with the government, this really needs to be looked at, as families like ours just want to be happy parents, so that our children will be happy!! instead its causing arguments between me and my husband because csa keep taking money from us, that we just dont have.. i feel i dont want to go on any more. my husbands only crime was meeting his ex in the first place.

  5. Hi Janet,

    Quote; they are only on the mothers side or the parent who has custordy of the child

    – No, at we have parents with care (PWC) members that have received NO favoritism from the agency, and as such the qualifing child has recieved no contribution from the non resident perent for 5, 10, 15+ years..

  6. the csa are demanding £9000 for a period i was out of work because i didnt notify them i was not working, even tho the job i came out of, the payments to them were direct from my earnings so they must have noticed my change. i wasnt even aware i had to tell them of any change otherwise i would have just to save myself all them 000’s

  7. HI guys,

    Just reading through some of our posts, and being that I am the main carer for my daughter, it seems they’re not always on our side! I have today, received a letter demanding I pay back arrears of £915.00??!!!

    They have come to this conclusion, because AFTER I had thought I’d CLOSED the account in Jan 06, they carried on paying money into my account, I spoke with the father, he has NO bank statements showing they have taken the money from his wages?! And Now I have to pay this back??/

    Why should my daughter be peanilised for their incompetence???

    I have been on the phone to them all morning, and have got nowhere, It’s really worrying me, as I feel I was ill informed, and they carried on with my case even AFTER being told I no longer wanted this case open.

    Can anyone help me on advice, etc?

  8. Hi All, I understand you all, its sick what this agencie is doing,how do they sleep at night, I have deo on my wage which is not alot now under 100 pounds a week. I will not earn more just to give it to corrupt government agencie. i was of work on sick
    pay of 73 pounds a week and they took from my wages 95 pounds???. good luck all

  9. The CSA are just bullies and legalised bailiffs.. They have actually caused my husband (who has always paid for his children,saw them weekly, took them on holiday and bought their first cars etc)… to become depressed after more demands are made financially on him; even though he is a step parent to my children, has provided for them; while their OWN father, avoids the CSA !!

    They bully people who are afraid of losing contact with their kids; and thanks to them, we have plaunged further into debt month by month and now owe over £8000 on credit cards !!


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