How can we avoid paying the CSA?

June 25, 2009

My husbands son is 17 and stopped attending college in Feb 09 (that we know about).
He stopped payments in Mar 09.

The child’s mother has told the CSA that he is still in full-time education- a lie.

How can we not pay for him and his mother to sit on their ba****des without causing a world war??

The CSA are harrassing my husband for his employment details and want us to prove that his son is not in education. They are also saying we have to pay if son is working less than 20 hours a week.

I am so angry that we both work and pay tax and NI, and were paying CSA when it was due but are expected to pay for her to benefit fraud and work illegally!!!

Also angry that son can be “let away” with having no motivation to do anything…

Also son only comes to see us when he feels like it and we pay for him and his girlfriend to come to see us and pay for all their activities and want us to buy them stuff.

Neither of us got this from our parents and have paid our own way since early teenage years!!


  • chall says:

    Hi Amanda,

    A child is defined as * under 16; OR * under 19 (under 20 in some cases) and in full-time education (12 + hours pw) doing a course that is not higher than A-level or an equivalent standard or on a Government-funded training programme; OR * 16 or 17 and has recently left school and registered for work or training with the Careers or Connexions Service or something similar

    After leaving school or college, a child still counts as a being in f/t education until the end of a fixed period after they leave, which coincides with the beginning of the next school term (terminal date) OR until their 19th birthday, which ever is soonest.
    If a young person does any paid work of 24 hrs or more a week before the terminal date, s/he is no longer counted as a child unless the work is temporary and expected to end before the terminal date.

    If none of the above is applicable, there’s more info at

  • g* dad says:

    i am nearly 30 yrs old and in a new 1st child was born when i was 15yrs old and my partner was 16yrs old.the csa startted chasing me up for maintenance money.i drafted up a letter saying that i was a really nasty dangerous criminal with a few outstanding court cases which would without doubt mean that i would have to do a few years in prison.basicly putting across that if i were to be chased up for maintenance, harm could come to the mother of my child etc etc etc.i then got the mother to post the letter and in return 2 weeks later she recieved a reply stating that they would not persue child maintenance becuase they were made aware that possible or probable harm could or would come to her or the child……..this needless to say was enough to keep them of our backs indefinetly! although the measures were drastic and untrue to an extent it did work.. .. and not just the once to the one girl. however my children want for nothing and financially speaking are more than fine,the csa have no need to involve themselves especially when most of the time couples wether they stay together or break up usually will come to some kind of agreement ‘financially’ to make sure the kids are sorted.the truth is most of the time the children don’t even see a penny !!!!!!!!!!!! the only people that benefit from csa are the csa.i know this from experience ‘trust me people’ .do as i did.back them into a corner and makesure you cant stress enough that it would be in everyones best intrest to stop persuing csa.

  • steven mcallister says:

    hi there im in a situation where i have a 10 year old son to a mother who is and will be permanently unemployed due to the fact of drug addiction.Although my question is the csa take£119 per calender month from me directly from my employer through some schedule they have with them.
    anybody any ideas how i can stop this its killing me financially.

    Any emails would be appreciated guys.

  • Skinti says:

    I have three children that I pay csa to.
    The first is now 20 so that payment has stopped
    the second (is 18) is starting uni but will continue to live at home with his mother
    I understand because she won’t get any more child support then that the csa will also stop. But she has said she will go to court to get some money from me for him
    My question is. Has she got any grounds for this legally?
    My 3rd is 15 and I pay just under £400 a month

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