CSA are making up figures and saying I haven’t paid when I can prove it

December 29, 2016

I have had a weekly standing order with the CSA since October 2000 to present and still being paid my son is now 25 I have just got a letter from them saying I owe £8000 I have rejected it which they have come back and said it is now £5000 didn’t explain why it had changed but when I asked how have I got arrears as I’ve kept standing order going they said case was reopened in 2006 and payments increased which I was not aware of this as have had no contact of them also looked into it and my son started work in 2006 but they say it’s up to me to tell them although I’ve had no contact since he was 2 also checked payment and I’m over 300 payments missing again told to prove it. I’ve got proof the last ten years have been payed every week now in progress of getting years before that I would think everything they have or as you may say have not done over the years that I now have to try and prove which is hard to do in some cases ie his leaving date from school I’m getting more and more stressed and wonder if this nightmare will ever end I don’t know we’re to turn anymore.

CSA wouldn’t help me but now they’re claiming against me

December 27, 2016

My name is katerina altounis I’m writing this letter to express how disgusted I am with the way I have been treated from child support agency , I filed a complaint against my ex husband in 2006 for child support. I have 4 children and he owed over 12,000 a charging order was even put on his house then all of a sudden he owes nothing just like that 12,000 was just dropped, disappeared yet he has his own house, 2 cars, 2 companies now my youngest son stayed with him and he files against me for child support for one child yet all of a sudden I’m ordered to pay £333 a month yet I’m on minimum wage I have bills and 600 rent to pay yet no one cares about that now I’m going to be broke.

Ex didn’t pay me because he was paying for his love child behind me back!

December 22, 2016

Here goes!!

Well I’ve been split with my ex for 5 years and not claimed child support as he told me he really couldn’t afford it as his bills were too much etc.. anyway I gave him the benefit of the doubt and brought them up by myself with my own money.

Recently I’ve found it a struggle raising teenagers and paying my bills etc so decided I’d claim csa as he point blank refused to help me in anyway.

Whilst on the phone claiming csa the lady on the phone informed me he was already paying csa to another child…..

well this child turns out to be my old babysitters daughter that he fathered behind my back in 2007-8!

Where the hell do i stand on back pay and splitting maintanaince, I didn’t claim over 5 years ago as he told me he would struggle but then I find out this tart has been getting money from him and I’ve gone without?

He only has his 2 girls once a fortnight they are 12 & 9 years old his other child is 8 years old she got pregnant just after I gave birth to his other daughter.

Ex is denying me access and there’s nothing I can do

December 19, 2016

My partner was cheating on me with another man and as a result she broke up with me in may after a troubled relationship which I tried to keep together due to the kids.

I had made allegations of controlling behaviour from her towards myself to police but due to lack of evidence nothing was done I recently was made awear of her and her new partners illegal activites of growing and selling cannibus in which I informed the police and due to their slow response she was able to move house and by the time police and solical services acted on my report there was no evidence in her new home of this activity evan tho she has not worked in 3 years but still has a car and able to afford to move from one private home to a next.

Due to me showing concern for my childrens safety and welbeing the mother of my two children aged 2 and 1 years old she has declined me access to my children and I have not seen or heard from them in 3 months now and in fear she will keep them from me out of bitterness and make false allegations to me as to why she is doing this.

I believe she is being heavily influenced by this man to behaviout in this fourgin manner of criminality.

I feel there is no help for me and I may never see my children again.

CSA are doing nothing but encouraging fraudulent behaviour from my ex!

December 16, 2016

Had nothing but hassle with csa they haven’t helped one bit totally useless my ex gave them false information so he only had to pay flat rate when he should have been paying a hell of a lot more then when I told them about it they did nothing as per usual which is Fraudulent but gets away with it , my ex is now unemployed and pays absolutely nothing csa still to notify me of this was told from my exs mum, it’s absolutely beyond me how csa are getting away with their failures to help parents who are bringing up kids and allowing absent parents to not pay for their responsibilities it’s a joke.

CSA reel off excuses at every opportunity!

December 15, 2016

I have unfortunately been on your books for years. I had a great case worker Avril King, then suddenly had a new case worker (can’t remember name) My MAIN argument is that my ex EVERY year stops paying around October, however this year has been November. It happens EVERY YEAR & EVERY YEAR I get the SAME excuses! NOT GOOD ENOUGH!! I will be contacting my local MP! Have SERIOUSLY HAD ENOUGH of being pushed from pillar to post!!!!

It is unfair that CSA is making my other children suffer!

December 14, 2016

I work on zero contract hrs i work when it is work .most of the summer i look after my other child cos we dont have child care so when do work i get stung by csa .i have offered myx partner £40 to put in my count and do away with csa .but she said no .so i will come home with just £144 pound if i do 33 hrs then if do more hrs i come with less i cant cope any more with this its not fare on my other child to really struggling at the moment with the csa .if i miss a payment they charge me £9 on top its been going on about 10 years now the only way i can sort this is to sign on its not worth working i got other bills to pay out.

CSA doesn’t care that I’m not receiving the money I’m entitled to!

December 13, 2016

So iv been claiming CSA since i left my partner 5 years ago. He had more kids which were removed and placed in care as he and his partner have substance misuse issues and were found physically abusing the kids. Therefore, I have been told my 2 are not to see him or will be placed on the protection register. They haven’t seen him for 2 years now. We tried supervised contact but he threatened me and my family and he sees himself as “above” going to contact centres i mean why wouldn’t he they are his children to beat and risk their lives as he sees fit. Anyways for the first 2 years he worked i got a reasonable amount of CSA £150 a month. But then he met the girlfriend from hell and as my daughter says they are 2 negative influences that when together make a whole negative mess and bring out the evilest in each other. Not only that but his church going holier than though father has taught him how to avoid paying me because “if you give her money she will constantly take until her kids are 18” ok well isn’t that the idea? That however is not the sickest part. His mother commit suicide due to her debt and her long court battles to get a penny out of the 2 men that fathered her children!

So back to CSA sorry for the rambling and ranting Iv had months where he’s dodged them and not paid a penny all the while the back payments have racked up he owes me thousands literally. Csa has not chased him they don’t care at all theyve literally done nothing. So about 18 months ago now he signed on and iv recieved £10 a fortnight. What about the back log? it’s non existent to CSA ex husband also has a job being paid cash in hand reported him to HMRC not to get a penny. How he’s survived on JSA for 18 months i know not. I don’t speak to him anymore haven’t for a while no point in asking it will just give him satisfaction i need it. So iv learned to live without it’s the only thing i can do meanwhile he and GF are banging cocaine up their noses like there’s no tomorrow or so iv heard.

I see these stories about money grabbing women stopping the fathers seeing their kids and people put me into that category because theres either the women that bend over backwards to help their ex and those who are evil and stop fathers being a part of their kids lives there’s only those 2 categories for single mums. Anywho Csa have no interest in the back log of missed payments, No interest in even checking to see if he’s working and no interest in updating me case and in january next year my claim is cut and i need to move onto the new claimant system maybe i may see a change i highly doubt it though.

CSA want me to pay my daughter for my son who is no longer in education

December 10, 2016

I have paid CSA for my son over the last 9 years , my ex wife died in June this year , my son is 17 , so payments stopped as I was the surviving parent , , I found out my ex stopped getting child benefit in 2014 , but CSA made me pay up to this year , I have now overpaid by £11,000 , my daughter who is 25 has made a new claim for her brother saying she is the carer for him as they still live in the same house , he has started on a NC course and now department of work and pensions are forcing me to pay my Daughter every month for my son , he wasn’t in any education from 2014 as he was sent to a remand school , I have being arguing my case to them saying I am not legally bound to make any payments to my daughter , I am the legal father , any help and advice would be greatly received as they are now going to arrest my wages.

I can’t take this treatment from the CSA anymore!

December 9, 2016

I have issues with csa and have done for many years. My currant earnings a month are £1941 before tax and Ni and csa. They have just calculated my payments as paying them £686 a month !!! When I try to sort issues with them there is no understanding that this amount is absoluty disgrace full after tax and NI I will be left with around £900 a month. Which is going to drive me into debt and struggles to live. I live in a one bed council flat and I cannot down size anymore. The mother refused to come to an agreement as she is over the moon with the amount of money she recieves. Is there any advice that can help me as I cant go on any longer with the treatment I am receiving by csa. They seem to just make up random figures of payment to prevent men from living. Any help would Be very much appreciated.

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