CSA even get my child’s name wrong

June 27, 2009

I have a hearing in few days. The last one, also for a Liability Order was for two children who aren`t mine!

I konw that the way things stand, I cannot prevent a Liability Order being granted. The application is for my children, however, one of the childrens surnames on the summons is incorrect.

If I can just get this deferred for a few months, this may allow me to save some money. I will have to take out a loan,if I can, to avoid the house being sold, or even baliffs attending, and possibly taking items from my (other)children, 17 and 19.

I have requested all my file notes and I believe they are overestimating the debt.Although, I probably owe something. The problem is that I have had problems with the CSA and their mistakes since 1996. They just grind you down. Instead of listening to me, they just say It`s my fault or computer says. They are useless.

Anyway, if you have advice on how to, at least defer the hearing, I will be very grateful.