Mothers enrol kids to college to get more money… is this not fraud?

August 29, 2017

It’s really some information as I have now come across this quite often. My ex wife has taken me to the CSA which I have no issues with. Except, this is my issue, apparently, my son goes to college, or should I say, applied and got into further education, only he does not go and this also happened to my daughter so that my ex could carry on receiving money for him for longer. I have spoken to a friend who works in a college and she has also explained that what alot of mothers have now cottoned onto, is applying their child into college so that they can still receive money, even though the child does not go. It seems its a common scam where no one looks into this and costing the system millions a year due to empty places where a legitimate child could be learning. So my question is, why is this not looked into as it is fraud due to governments money paying for a child in college that never actually goes. This must be horrendously expensive. Is this worth bringing up to an MP, or do you look into this yourselves?

CSA pluck arrear calculations out of nowhere despite my ongoing dispute

August 22, 2017

i have an ongoing dispute with the csa regarding arrears that as far as im concerned are non existent! I spoke to a member of their team back in march regarding putting my other daughter on a family based arrangement and i was told that my payments would be reduced considerably, at this point i was aware that there were still arrears to be paid but as far as i was aware there wasnt a great deal left to pay as id been paying £12 a week for almost a year.

after two months of making call after call and getting nowhere with them i finally got to speak to my case worker and we got my daughter on the system in a family based arrangemnt but i was also told that my monthly payments would be £159 which worked out at around £40 per week. i questioned this as i also pay £20 a week to my ex partner on a weekly basis which means im paying £60 a week for two children altough the csa calculator informed me the amount i should be paying is £38 per week for the two children. I was informed by my case worker that i still owed £200+ in arrears which in was bemused about considering i only owed £300+ back in may last year and they started recieving payments (according to my wage slips) in june last year. i was told that it was because they didnt recieve a payment until november last year which also bemused me. as i have proof that this wasnt true ive made numerous phone calls, week after week trying to sort this out as its leaving me with no money each week once bills etc are paid.

i have been told they cant get into the system, theresa nobody that can help with that right now, somebody will call you back within 72 hours and nobody does….endless excuses and reasons why! i recieved a letter stating that my weekly payments were £29 a week including collect and pay charge (this being another dispute) and my case worker had previously told me that she had reduced payments for these aparent arrears to £5 per week yet i am still to this day having £39 per week taken from my wages, i am still making calls once or twice a week disputing this and nothing gets done! in regards to the collect and pay charge….i was told last friday that because id been on this option for well over 6 months that i could request to come off that and move onto direct pay which would save me £6-£7 a week and that someone would call me back by monday to discuss this as they were experiencing system issues. nobody called so i called them myself on tuesday this week and was told that i shopuldnt have been told that someone would call me back and that it has been raised and will be dealt with.

firday this week still no word so i called them AGAIN. i was told that because id been placed on an enforced deduction of earnings all i could do is move onto a collect and pay but through direct debit and this would mean another 6 months of paying £6-£7 a week collection fees. as i wasnt made aware at any point of the option of requesting direct payments after the frst 6 months i feel that this is quite unfair and i explained this to them, but all i was told was i could go direct if the recieving parent agrees to it which i know she wont. im at the point now where im going to be contacting the ombudsman and also speaking to citizens advice (if needed) about all this nonsense that ive been experiencing for months on end as like i said earlier its leaving me with no wage after bills etc and im even having to pay some things short from time to time to pay other bills which is a constant worry and very stressful, im even thinking about quiting work which i really dont want to do but im just tired of working for absolutely nothing.

CSA are apparently introducing new rules and regulations

August 21, 2017

I recently heard from the child maintenance service that they are introducing new rules and regulations in the near future, can you please tell me what they are.

Please note: the following two newspaper articles I have sent out regarding my own personal circumstances of suffering from the diagnosed progressive neurological condition called Bipolar which has rendered me unable to take up active employment for the rest of my life from the age of 47. If you have any advise or comments on the following articles please feel free to give them to me. Also feel free to republish these articles on your website / chat room etc.


Here’s a new one for everyone to put their teeth around.

The ‘Child Maintenance Service’ said to a vulnerable disabled father who has issues of self-harm and suicidal tendencies, “WHEN YOU’RE DEAD WE WILL COLLECT THE ARREATS FROM YOUR ESTATE!”

This even when high court bailiffs could not even collect credit debts under the new rules and regulations over dealing with vulnerable disabled people.

The CMS also explained the options for enforcement were that “despite your wife not being responsible for your CSA / CMS arrears they would pursue a claim against her inheritance, alternatively they would transfer the liability order against the property or they could force your wife to borrow money against the house to pay off the arrear, or force the sale of the house via bankruptcy!”

They also explained that if the father went to court to set aside and revoke the existing court liability order and the judge revoked the order on the grounds of the fathers progressive illness which renders him unable to return to gainful employment, they would appeal that decision as a judge cannot revoke a child maintenance liability order as it conflicts with child maintenance law. They also explained that “the child maintenance service does not have the right and privilege to revoke a court liability order and right off any outstanding arrears itself, without the permission of the claimant”, usually being the ex-wife.

Disability Discrimination

I know we have several solicitors and barristers out there who deal with child maintenance cases! As a presiding judge or representing a client involved in the case. I am dealing with a case where a person diagnosed with a progressive neurological health condition has £13,538.41 of CSA arrears behind them! Due to their progressive illness they have been assessed as a vulnerable person who could self-harm and violently harm others or commit suicide in the future.

Their CMS case has been closed down as the CMS say they cannot collect any regular payments or arrears under the circumstances but unfortunately as the “ex-wife” refuses to agree to revoke the court liability order, the arrears liability order will remain live for the rest of the disabled persons life, 30 years or so. The stress and anxiety of this liability order hanging over the disabled person is not acceptable! In fact one could consider that it could lead to such vulnerable disabled people “committing suicide” .

However the CMS say they cannot revoke the court liability order and if the accused brings a case to court and the judge revokes the court liability order against this disabled person, it contradicts child maintenance law and the CMS will appeal with all its resources to overturn that judges decision.

The court liability order will remain open and live until the disabled person dies and then the arrears will be collected from their estate. The child maintenance service hereby stand accused of “discrimination against a disabled person” and causing “unnecessary harassment and intimidation” , until their ultimate death . What concerns me most is that a judge has no lawful right to revoke a liability order against a progressive or terminally ill disabled person.

It is also apparent the CMS make bias judgments and invoke the absent parent as “guilty until the prove their innocence” .

Please remember the CSA and CMS was deliberately set up to reduce the government’s social security handouts to single parents. This is the under pinning aim and philosophy and agenda of the CSA and the CMS, unfortunately they have taken great efforts to protect that philosophy by repeatedly changing the rules and laws when an absent parent has found a loop hole and successfully challenged them at court that’s why there have been five different schemes throughout the child support agency and the CMS is considering a new one.

Doesn’t this all seem so familiar like the big rumpus over ATOS health care and CAPITA over welfare benefit reassessments and the leaked government report exposing how many vulnerable disabled people have committed suicide overseas losing their ESA / PIP entitlement.


Loophole in CSA protocol means self-employed parents can get away without paying the right sum

August 17, 2017

I’m a single father with 2 children and have had nothing but trouble with csa northern Ireland.

I Would like to say that every absent parent should contribute towards there children with or with out using the csa system.

My ex partner is self employed so it seems if your in the catagorie you can pay what ever you want compared to the hard working normal people.


It took the csa 6 months before I received any child support from my ex and be told it was an error on there behalf even though i contacted them every week.

When I got a plan through it was the £30per month for each child and £10 per month off the arrears.

Received a new schedule in Jul for the review in May for £161 per month inculding £40 per month off the arrears.they stated that they got this figure from her last year tax returns ok.

Now they have came back to say she has appealed this as she is no longer erning that amount and it has been reduced to £64 per month for both children.

Now this is were I have identified a major loop hole in the system.

I contacted csa to find out why this has changed they stated that she provided them with a new tax return in july showing that this is what she earns.

So first they use last year’s tax return but now she has submitted another so it changes.

I asked them have theu cross ref this information or even verified this with HMRC to which I was tool that they don’t do that.

So What seems to be the proccess is you submit your tax return to HMRC in January and once your review is due you contact csa with a self accessment you’ve done yourself they don’t verify it and you only have to pay the minimum.

Wait it gets better therefore I asked the question if she as stated (Just an excample) she expects her earning to be 10,000 but on her tax return for next year turns out to be the more realistic of 40,000 Will the unpaid support be back dated to which they stated no they will use her tax return from the review day.

So all she has to do once again is send in a a self assessment of 10,000 and job done.

This is a total disgrace and surly can’t be the case.

And if this is the case I feel it’s time the media was made aware of this loop hole and closed.


I would be more that grateful if any 1 could please advise if this is the case and forward to me any department i could contact.

CSA keep informing me they haven’t collected the money he should have paid

August 13, 2017

I have 3 children u dear 18 with my ex partner of 16 years , he claims he don’t work but he does as a labourer as well as advertising his own gardening business , the CSA send me a letter every month to inform me they have not collected the money he should have paid. . he has a partner with whom he lives with at the same address who claims single parent benefit , he claims he don’t live with her but he does and has done so since July 1st 2013 , they are engaged and she has taken his last name .

I am at a loss as to what to do

August 10, 2017

I was in court in 2005/6 about the csa who did a reasessment and back dated it to 2000/2002. i had just come to the end of my liability for my child when they did this. i challenged it at the time and the courts wanted more proof from the then csa. they could not provide this and so never proceeded and for the past 10+ years i never heard another thing. however now that the agency has changed name to the child maintenance service i received notification last october demanding the alledged arrears from the 2000/2002 reasessment.

have tried several times both writing and ringing but they refuse to speak to me. i have lodged a complaint and still heard nothing. they went ahead with a deductions from earnings order and being taking money from my wage for the past 4 weeks. i am at a loss as to what to do as this agency seems to be a law until itself. my child will be 32 in 6 months. how can they after some 10 years do this and refuse to discuss it.anyone who can offer advice i would be grateful. i paid everything they asked and when i was no longer liable they do this after some 10 years.

They call it back pay, I call it robbery

August 9, 2017

I have had two children, one is 28 yrs and the other is 33 yrs and I am still paying child support they call it back pay I call it robbery, they have been taking 250.00 from my wages for 7 years with no proof I am the dad they are only charging me for one child and I have two of them I would love to go to court but can’t afford it, I have been to prison, for four years, I am not on the birth certificate and all of this has been going on since 1996 and its still going on I have thought about ending my life, but then they win and I loose CAN ANYBODY HELP ME PLEASE

The more I earn, the more they take

August 4, 2017

I havent seen my children in 5 years, my ex has an order on me thru false information, im currently paying 130 perweek and have had to leave my flat, sell my car, and give up lots of things, i have no bother paying for them even tho it would be nice to see them, im 6000 in arrears as the payments are getting higher, i cant afford to pay, now im renting a room at 30 per week and am barely affording to live myself, im on debt up to my eyeballs and seriously struggling, she has a new boyfriend and the child maintenance service have literally said they dont care about me.

I know that the payments i make are going on drink and drugs and now they have a DEO that im now stuck with…the more i earn the more they take….what the hell am i supposed to live off