Not all mothers are money grabbers

January 31, 2011

My husband walked out on myself and our 2 children 10 years ago leaving us eventually homeless.

After tracking him down and starting divorce proceedings we agreed on suitable contact for the kids and and until the home was sold mortgage payments would be met instead of maintenance to keep a roof over our kids head until alternative acccommodation was found. He in turn stopped paying, the mortgage forcing court action, stopped contact with the kids and couldn’t be traced for maintenance payments. We ended up living with his brother and wife for a year cause we weren’t classed as a priority by the council. He was eventually tracked down by Read more

New CSA fee announced

January 31, 2011

The Child Support Agency will introduce a new fee for couples who wish to use it to settle child maintenance disputes, it has been announced.

The fee of £100 is to be used to discourage parents from using the Child Support Agency as the default option for sorting out child maintenance issues, instead encouraging them to sort out their differences on their own.

The decision was largely made because the government believed the previous system created Read more

I could lose my home because of the CSA

January 31, 2011

I split with my ex partner 12 and a half years ago after i found out the child she was carrying might not have been mine- she was sleeping around.

She refused to take a DNA test and said i would never have anything to do with the child. I approached the CSA and said i was willing to pay if they told her to take a blood test- they werent interested.She didnt have to take a test.

Now i have a new family and the CSA are demanding 15% of my income to pay for a child i still get no contact with,she still refuses it.

I now face losing my home as i have not budgeted for this expense. CSA employee actually told me they weren’t Read more

CSA breached the Data Protection Act?

January 30, 2011

Unfortunately, I have had to deal with the CSA for a number of years now but of late they have come across as even less capable of human understanding and basic levels of competence than they were in the early years. I became estranged from my first wife in 97 whilst serving in the Army and owing to one circumstance or another, payments in the beginning did go a tad astray.

However, after quite a lengthy period all was sorted and compulsory deductions came out of my wages. Eventually I met another with whom I again had children, whilst still serving, but always maintained payments for the my 2 daughters from the previous.

Now,to bring you up to date….I and my second wife split up just prior to me Read more

Rude Child Support Agency workers

January 30, 2011

My time dealing with the child support agency has been pure hell. Me and my ex have been apart for about 4 years. I made a few mistakes along the way and i ended up going to jail for awhile. So upon my release my goal was to get a job and continue being there for my kids like i’ve always done even if me and they’re mother are not together.

My very first month when i went to make a payment so that they would release my drivers license, i recieved a call at 7 am from a child support worker,who immediately started to express his personal views on who he thought i was and that he didnt think i deserved my license.

I informed him in not so kind words that i was recently released from prison and i was having a tough time with Read more

Illegal activity of the CSA

January 29, 2011

I have a story going back ten years and to be honest have come full circle.

I won my appeal of the 1st tiers decision as it was illegal and prejudicial.

I won my appeal at the upper tier as they overturned the 1st tiers and then for some bizarre reason implemented an IMA from the wrong dates.

I am waiting for an appeals court hearing as i will not ever accept the word or legal “expertise” of the fossils appointed in the tribunals service they are simply the frustrated CSA acting illegally at all times, they took my bank statements from a family case with no permission stole my sons personal information and sent it to my ex resulting in me taking an injunction out Read more

PWC lies to CSA about my level of contact

January 29, 2011

The CSA will not take into account that I have my children more than 52 nights a year, as their Mother said so. I have submitted clear dates days and times in calender format but still no joy. I have even submitted this all toan ICE.

I mentioned to the CSA rep that my childrens so called mother does not supply me with any clothing for the children when occassions I have them for 4 nights. She replied ‘what you means they come with no clothes on’ What a joke these people are!!!. The CSA rep also mentioned that the mother can spend the maintenace on whatever she wanted even though she doesnt supply clothing etc.

I think the CSA should take into account how much the Mother earns as I handed over my business to her so she had an income only to be stabbed in the back by certain CSA rulings that the Father is the only one to pay maintenance.

CSA needs to support parents

January 28, 2011

Right, like every mother on here who is getting their maintance I’m in the same boat. My ex left me in 2008 just before our son was born. Leaving me with a 10 month old for another woman.

When our son came along he was happy to pay his share (for awhile). Then things didnt go right so he stopped paying. Which also resulted in us going to court over access. This access was sorted after 6 months. Although now he still Read more

CSA staff have treated me like dirt for 20 years

January 28, 2011

I have 2 children with my ex partner for several years they couldnt trace him despite having his home address and works.

After several years they caught up with him (same addie and work place) and in the end did an atachment of earnings order.

I was on benefit at the time so i never saw a penny of it and in fact was told as i was on benefit i couldnt be told details.About 10 years ago i went back to work contacted the csa to be told they had just recieved a large payment from ex partners work as they had been with holding it for years and that ex partner had now left the company.

Since then the csa issued court summons twice that he didnt attened and in the end the court Read more

Already left one job because of CSA threats

January 27, 2011

On contacting me for maintenance in 1996 i responded promptly admitting i was the father of the child.

For two years i kept contacting the csa to find out why i had not been contacted about how much i would have to pay each week. Every time i got in touch with them they told me not to worry my paper work is still at their head office at hastings on asking what should i do they told me not to worry. This happened on a regular basis over the course of two years they told me i would evenyually hear from them.

One day I received a letter stating that i owed the secretary of state 2500 pounds. When i contacted the csa they told me it was Read more

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