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Not all mothers are money grabbers

My husband walked out on myself and our 2 children 10 years ago leaving us eventually homeless.

After tracking him down and starting divorce proceedings we agreed on suitable contact for the kids and and until the home was sold mortgage payments would be met instead of maintenance to keep a roof over our kids head until alternative acccommodation was found. He in turn stopped paying, the mortgage forcing court action, stopped contact with the kids and couldn’t be traced for maintenance payments. We ended up living with his brother and wife for a year cause we weren’t classed as a priority by the council. He was eventually tracked down by the csa and a deductions of earnings order made. He subsequently packed in his job and went ‘self-employed’, disappearing into the system.

After 8 years and 23,000 arrears they have again tracked him down, threatened with prison and whats happened, £25 per week in payments awarded. I have continued with this not out of revenge but because its my children who have suffered financially by having to go without things through no fault of their own and even though I work full time with all the will in the world can’t afford everything they need. I have always held my head up high knowing i’ve done a good job on my own but a money grabber i’m not.

2 thoughts on “Not all mothers are money grabbers

  1. Unfortunately the CSA arn’t there to help those that need it the most. Whilst not all Women are money grabbers, the large majority ARE, and the system is geared up to be wildly unbalanced in the female favour.

    The CSA should be doing their job & tracking/screwing down deadbeats like this & NOT attacking & making homeless, those that DO pay..such as myself, albeit way, way to much!

    I am suprised that a homeless women with two dependant children is not classed as a priority, but then, who know what goes throught these idiots in power’s minds.

    One thing I should point out….please stop using the words “my children”…it’s (whilst I can understand in your case) not the done thing.

    I have to say, if this unbalanced set of events carry on, then Men will avoid women like the plague and treat them as financially toxic!… I know I a’m. I would like to have another child, but being responsible, I know I can’t due to the finances…so tick tock…the clock is ticking…

  2. I agree that both parents should take financial responsibility for their children. However, I disagree with this ‘flawed’ system that criminalises human beings and rides ‘rough shot’ over them.

    Don’t forget this is government interference between parents regarding their children! The only reason that the CSA is in existence, is to bolster government coiffeurs. Pay large salaries to executives and performance bonuses to executives and staff alike.

    If you look at the ‘bigger picture’, stand back and think, about the £25 per week, what has been the point? It’s a PR exercise to keep themselves in jobs.

    If you are ever in a vehicle on a motorway, have a look at the number of women driving plush cars alone. Sometimes, it’s a sign of ill-gotten gains.

    Once bitten twice shy, after having paid out more than £120,000 in divorce and CSA payments whilst my ex has had inheritances and lives a life of luxury, whilst ‘scamming’ the system for benefits.

    I have been a ‘victim’ of this ‘shambles’ for years. The whole system is a total joke! Then again, Politicians and Civil Servants are the creators and rulers of this scandalous mess. What do you expect? they don’t care about PWC’s or NRP’s. The only thing that they are bothered about is their pay and bonuses!

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