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CSA staff have treated me like dirt for 20 years

I have 2 children with my ex partner for several years they couldnt trace him despite having his home address and works.

After several years they caught up with him (same addie and work place) and in the end did an atachment of earnings order.

I was on benefit at the time so i never saw a penny of it and in fact was told as i was on benefit i couldnt be told details.About 10 years ago i went back to work contacted the csa to be told they had just recieved a large payment from ex partners work as they had been with holding it for years and that ex partner had now left the company.

Since then the csa issued court summons twice that he didnt attened and in the end the court issued a warrent for his arrest,as far as im aware this was never carried out.

Over the years despite me giving them a copy of his new daughters birth certficate with his new address on it, various work places including a copy of paper work from company house with the company turn over and his name and details as a director i recieved not a penny from him.

I even offered private detective services to which i was told they would not be able to use any details provided to them for this source.

Many years passed and now my children are 19 and 20,this march i suddenly recieved a flurry of phone calls from the csa, it seems that the mother of one of his other children (he now has 5 by 4 mums!) had contaceted the csa with his work place and that they had about 2 months payments of £53 a week sitting there for me that they couldnt pay me as my account had gone *clerical* and was *broken* they had also done a re assesment and reduced my arrears down to just over £31,000.

I had enofrcement on the phone the sameday for over an hour trying to persaude me to agree to saying he had been paying me £20 a week for the last 20 years!!! or to take a cash settlement of £10,000 and that he just had a new baby and is not earning as much as before when he should of payed,that is not my problem.

I agreed to take the cash settlement but would not lie not matter what to cover my childrens father or make life easier for the csa as they wanted to be able to clear the record in 2 years.

Since that day never heard another thing from enforcement.

Eventually after compaining i started to recive about £200 a month but that is eratic its a split case so sometimes they split it the wrong way and sometimes i dont get it at all.

No one returns your calls ever,because mine is now a closed case no one is intrested despite the fact my children still live at home and the money is a legal debt.

In 20 years i have come across a few good people at the csa but mostly my children and i have been treated like unimportant dirt.

Right now i am thinking about letting it go and allowing the csa to wipe the debt despite the fact that we do really need the money the stress that this still causes after 20 years is a joke ,there is not a single week that goes by when i dont have to call the csa or chase a payment.

Even when they recive payments the csa seems to find it impossible to pay them out on time with out complications.

I also wish the csa had never been involved its just mistake after mistake and lie after lie,in my case the so called powers the have were never used

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