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PWC lies to CSA about my level of contact

The CSA will not take into account that I have my children more than 52 nights a year, as their Mother said so. I have submitted clear dates days and times in calender format but still no joy. I have even submitted this all toan ICE.

I mentioned to the CSA rep that my childrens so called mother does not supply me with any clothing for the children when occassions I have them for 4 nights. She replied ‘what you means they come with no clothes on’ What a joke these people are!!!. The CSA rep also mentioned that the mother can spend the maintenace on whatever she wanted even though she doesnt supply clothing etc.

I think the CSA should take into account how much the Mother earns as I handed over my business to her so she had an income only to be stabbed in the back by certain CSA rulings that the Father is the only one to pay maintenance.

3 thoughts on “PWC lies to CSA about my level of contact

  1. I had the same problem at Christmas. Drove 700 miles to get there and found my three kids had been ‘rationed’ to three sets of underwear each. pathetic!

    On access and contact I am not so lucky as to see them very often. A week and two days since last Apri. Contact is difficult when she moves house without telling you, mobile phones for the kids get lost and email addresses I set up stop working. She has a call monitor so can ignore me if I call her landline. Have to resort to sending letters via the primary school to ensure they get delivered. On top of that my 13 year old son is a classic case of parental alienation and I have just told him that when he wants to talk he will have to let me know.

    I’ll stop because I have not even scratched the surface……

  2. Just had the same thing. we have my partner’s kids 106 days per year via court order, which cost us £3000 to take her to court for access. CSA won;t even take the court order as proof as ‘it doesn’t prove contact actually took place’. i said if it hadn’t we’d have taken her back to court.

    We have texts arranging the drop offs – still not proof.

    We have hundreds of pictures of our year and holidays with them – still not proof.

    The guy eventually admitted the only proof they accept is the PWC’s word.

    Most inept department in the country. You couldn’t make it up.

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