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I could lose my home because of the CSA

I split with my ex partner 12 and a half years ago after i found out the child she was carrying might not have been mine- she was sleeping around.

She refused to take a DNA test and said i would never have anything to do with the child. I approached the CSA and said i was willing to pay if they told her to take a blood test- they werent interested.She didnt have to take a test.

Now i have a new family and the CSA are demanding 15% of my income to pay for a child i still get no contact with,she still refuses it.

I now face losing my home as i have not budgeted for this expense. CSA employee actually told me they weren’t interested in my new family-nice of them!

I’m not just trying to dodge paying and as i stated before my ex and the CSA both told me i had no right to find out if the child was mine.I simply cant afford it.

Funny how they now bend over backwards to brand me the father and claim a chunk of my salary for a child i still am not allowed access to. And while we’re at it why did i have to fork out for the 3 DNA tests when i wasn’t the one sleeping around.

Seems there is no timescale for a woman to use this agency as a weapon.

3 thoughts on “I could lose my home because of the CSA

  1. I am not against the CSA we should have to pay for our children, what I am against is the fact that they dont take your ordinary living expenses into consideration.
    If they took their money after you had paid your rent, the travelling expenses to work that pays them anyway which for me is 50 miles a day 5 days a week plus the loan I had to take out as I left my ex a £200,000 house, Car and all the furnishings after her adultery I just wanted out of there so I had to take a loan to start again myself.
    Somewhere along the line it is just not fair especially when I have not been able to see my children for 2 years as she blackmails them telling the young ones that if they ask to see me it will make her really ill and she will land up in hosptal and might die, therefore my young children are afraid they hurt her by seeing me.
    What kind of agency condons this?
    When you speak to them they treat you like rubbish, none of them care none of them are sympathetic.
    My ex brings in £3000 a month and her partner has his own business and earns god only knows how much, my partner and I have £500 a month to live on once everything is paid out, tell me that is justice.

  2. I’m sorry Robert but its all ruthless ex-partners-women, CSA and the grand notion of equality. I WOULDNT PAY TO see my child WHY? the fuckers screwed me too fair and mother sat on her arse counting money, getting CSA idiots doing all the work while I LOST MY JOB, begged for money to eat and I’m no where near done!

    If this was AMERICA I’d be shooting the place up! I’m sick to death of CSA and the fucking MP scum who turned they’re backs on fathers!

    Sorry rant over..

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