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Rude Child Support Agency workers

My time dealing with the child support agency has been pure hell. Me and my ex have been apart for about 4 years. I made a few mistakes along the way and i ended up going to jail for awhile. So upon my release my goal was to get a job and continue being there for my kids like i’ve always done even if me and they’re mother are not together.

My very first month when i went to make a payment so that they would release my drivers license, i recieved a call at 7 am from a child support worker,who immediately started to express his personal views on who he thought i was and that he didnt think i deserved my license.

I informed him in not so kind words that i was recently released from prison and i was having a tough time with finding a job but i am very much involved in my kids life and that having my drivers license is a must in a city were u have to be able to drive to do anything. All that said, he was very unproffessional and sad to say there is more. When i go to make a payment another time i find that i have a new worker who specifically handles my child support case,and his desrespect is somewhat subtle but it is still evident that he possesses the same views as the other rude worker that called me. He presumed that because i had a cell phone that maybe i should pay a bigger payment.

Ignoring the fact that even with me still having issues with finding permanent work i still manage to make payments when i can and i still provide what i can for my kids. So i would like to know what Rights do non custodial parents have to protect them from rude csa workers?

Because I am highly upset about the amount of unproffessionalism i’ve experianced at my local CSA office.

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  1. Do what I did record everything, every conversation I had with them I recorded. no matter what they say an individual CAN record any telephone conversation provided its for their own use and not divulged to a third party, without the third parties permission.
    Its amazing how quickly they tell you that you owe nothing when you put in a data request and inform them that their request doesn’t match your records.
    The CSA workers are too vindictive that they always mess up.

  2. Good advice from ~Dave there. I got the Data protection registrar involved when they sent my info to the wrong address, in short use their own complaints proceedures against them, also you could use the 1997 prevention of harrasment order, that may protect you to some degree… Its not fair the way they speak to you and they are most certainly not allowed to conduct themselves in this manor and you shouldnt let them treat you this way… a few years ago In had a small minded post office worker give me grief… I went into a post office to cash in my change jar on a monday morning, the woman behind the desk semmed rude and not very chatty, she kept tutting and huffing at me, I said jokingly, sorry for giving you all this extra work (meaning sorting through the bags of 1p’s and 2p’s I had given her). She put down the bags stared right at me and said in a stern voice…”at least I work for a living!” implying i wasnt working… I informed her in as just a stern way… I happen to be the Manager of the big Pannasonic factory next door and its my day off today!” She shut up pretty quick and carried on counting my change out… so you see people that judge wrongfully are everywhere but you find most of them are either on the otherside of bullet proof glass or on the phone so I call them cowards and let them have their little bit of enjoyment from their ivory tower because out in the real world they amount to nothing and we all know that dont we :0)

  3. Thanks for the advice. i really do appreciate it. I am at wits end with the CSa and i’m glad i told my story, so now thanks to some good people i have a way of defending myself. Thank you very much.

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