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CSA breached the Data Protection Act?

Unfortunately, I have had to deal with the CSA for a number of years now but of late they have come across as even less capable of human understanding and basic levels of competence than they were in the early years. I became estranged from my first wife in 97 whilst serving in the Army and owing to one circumstance or another, payments in the beginning did go a tad astray.

However, after quite a lengthy period all was sorted and compulsory deductions came out of my wages. Eventually I met another with whom I again had children, whilst still serving, but always maintained payments for the my 2 daughters from the previous.

Now,to bring you up to date….I and my second wife split up just prior to me leaving the army. I left the Army 3 years ago now and after one of the many reconcilliations, my ex fell preganant again and now I have in total 5 children, to 2 ex wives. In the last 3 years I have spent the majority of that time unemployed, owing mainly to the area in which I lived, but some to the very difficult transistion back to civilian life. Over this period the CSA have persistantly contacted myself and taken money either from any short term employment and even my benefits. In the recent past they phoned to inform myself I have arrears close to 6000 pound and always asked if I could magic this crazy figure out of thin air.

Just lately I have met a wonderful woman, with a child of her own, moved area and found myself a great job. I then contacted the CSA to inform them of my changes and enquired what I am to do to start paying for my children. At the beginning they were very amicable saying they would assess my case for all 5 kids send me their judgement to be closely followed by the direct debit forms. This was November…..I waited over Christmas until last week for this payment form but nothing.

In the mean time, my second ex sent one of her many delightful hate messages informing me that the CSA had past my case on to the Bailiffs/Arrears (she was referring to arrears relating to my first wife) and that was the cause of the delay in procedure. This was all news to myself.

I then contacted the CSA and was put through to the Bailiffs/Arrears dept and told there seems to be some confusion in my case and that a 40% deduction (compulsory) looks like the only option. This as you can guess horrified myself, when I honestly am trying to settle this long running battle once and for all. But surely the fact that someone in the CSA had informed my latest ex to the fact that I have arrears to my first ex and that is the hold up in procedure is a massive breech of the Data Protection Act.

Can anyone tell me if this is the case?

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