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Already left one job because of CSA threats

On contacting me for maintenance in 1996 i responded promptly admitting i was the father of the child.

For two years i kept contacting the csa to find out why i had not been contacted about how much i would have to pay each week. Every time i got in touch with them they told me not to worry my paper work is still at their head office at hastings on asking what should i do they told me not to worry. This happened on a regular basis over the course of two years they told me i would evenyually hear from them.

One day I received a letter stating that i owed the secretary of state 2500 pounds. When i contacted the csa they told me it was arreas which they had not told me about. In and out of work the debt became greater and greater.

My girfriend at the time wrote a letter of complaint. I was at my wits end they (csa) then wrote to me and admitted handling the case badly and sent me a cheque for 50 pound compensation. I felt totally insulted. I would rather have had 50 pound knocked off the debt. The debt reached 13000 pound, of which i now have got down to 11000.

I once had to leave my job because they started making silly threats about taking 100 pound per week from my wages. I could not afford to live, I would have been going to work for nothing.

I have now started a new job which is monthly pay. I requested some pay slips to begin payments but have informed them that i wont be paid for a total of six weeks because i had just missed the pay week and i had to work a week in hand, so a total of six weeks til pay. They are now talking about detatchment from earnings. I will have the same again if they do just that, I am on the verge of giving up all together, please help me someone.

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  1. I love how simply put and true this is: I can work some small acnitos into my crazy days. I also love how this post ties into the one I just wrote about divine time. It makes me think maybe we can shift the way we think about our 24-hour days—even if just a little.

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