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CSA needs to support parents

Right, like every mother on here who is getting their maintance I’m in the same boat. My ex left me in 2008 just before our son was born. Leaving me with a 10 month old for another woman.

When our son came along he was happy to pay his share (for awhile). Then things didnt go right so he stopped paying. Which also resulted in us going to court over access. This access was sorted after 6 months. Although now he still doesnt keep to it.

Anyway back to CSA…

It got to the point I was phoning them every week to find out what was happening. They told me assessments have been sent a standing order form has been sent but nothing has been relpied to. It gets me mad that he expects to see his kids but not pay for them.

I was told today his payments will be dropped anyway when he doesn eventually pay as he and his girlfriend have just had a baby. This means the £4 p/w p/c will be cut again. How do they expect that money to provide for 2 toddlers. I dont work due to not even being able to afford child care.

It’s a joke CSA. They need to support the parents not the ass holes who think it’s clever to fiddle the tax man etc.

3 thoughts on “CSA needs to support parents

  1. So you bitch that the father doesnt provide enough money when you provide zero ………

    Is anyone complaining that you enjoy a relationship with your children yet provide no money? No, so why are you doing just that in relation to the father?

    Isn’t the world wonderful!

  2. Because he works and should provide for his children. I claim only the benifits I’m entitled to and nothing else and my kids want for nothing. But he seems to think that it’s ok for his parents to cough up money instead of him.

  3. Rebecca, first of all if you get a job you will get help with childcare costs if your situation is that bad work for your money.

    Your “pay per view” attitude is astonishing, what is more important to your children, regular contact with their father or £8 a week?

    I don’t expect you can bring up two toddlers on £8 per week however with your rent, and council tax paid for you and income support you should be able to manage perfectly well financially.

    Your ex, his partner and new baby will be in a much worse financial situation than you.

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