CSA threatening me with bailiffs and fake arrears

March 28, 2017

Can anyone help I had a letter from the Csa telling they are going to put bailiff on me and they want £3000 in to week if I don’t pay. I have always paid for my children since 1993 with my first children then from 1998 till 2016 with my other children. I had assessment in 2006 they then said I was in arrears they said would you like to appeal I said yes I didn’t hear from them till I rang them in 2015 because my twins were 18 they said I was in arrears of £10800 I said how can I be in arrears when I have paid by DEO on my wages they said we didn’t get any payments between 2006 and 2008 I said how can that be when you have a DEO in place they said my company didn’t pay it. I got no wage slips but I had copy’s of bacs payment prof that I had payed but that is not good enough what can I do 😭😭😭

CSA harrassing me and my disabled father

March 27, 2017

Basically csa have been contacting me loads of letters and Harrassing my father who is badly disabled and has mrsa by phone calls etc and they have been harassing me to and making my anxiety and depression worse and it’s putting me in a really bad way and I’m Will to pay for my children and see them no problem at all and I buy my children stuff.

Where do I stand with CSA if ex’s new husband is adopting my daughter?

March 24, 2017

I live in the U.K and married my wife 16 years ago. She is Australian. We have a child but split up due to money issues within a year. When my daughter was 2, she moved back to Brisbane Australia with her, without giving me any notice.

I have had no actual contact with my daughter who is now 13 years old.

I was requested to pay child maintenance through a court payment order through U.K. CSA to Auz CSA which I have done without problem although I have always felt that as I have no possibility of contact with my daughter, I should not be held responsible for maintenance. Her mother chose to sever all ties with me and move to the other side of the planet. It was against my wishes.

My wife remarried 2 years ago and I have found out that last September 2016, her new husband applied to adopt my daughter.

Everything I have read suggests that I now have no legal rights to my daughter and also that I am not required to pay maintenance.

CSA still asks me for maintenance payments but do I need to pay if she has been adopted? I was not even consulted about the adoption so I guess it was deemed that I was not needed to consent to that either.

Fathers rights really are very thin and I lost all possibility of seeing my daughter, yet still held accountable for sending huge amounts of my pay in their direction.

If I now don’t need to pay maintenance, how do I go about finding out?

I want to start a campaign against the shockingly bad CSA!

March 20, 2017

I think the CSA need a serious overhaul. I am looking at starting a campaign. I work full time my ex is a pathological liar and has 4 children, only one of which he supports. He has a new wife and a child and they bring home over £100k per annum. Why does a man like him not have to pay for the his children if he has more? It’s ridiculous. I work full time but on one wage and he barely has to contribute because he support one child living with him with two parents earning good money. I really am keen to take him to court. The system never supports the person who raises the child. Also, CSA regularly keeps my money (3 months at a time) and I have to involve my MP to get them to pay me. Anyone want to join me in starting a campaign to get this changed. It really is quite worrying how bad the system is and is not regulated at all.

Son reached out to me and now ex isn’t letting me see him

March 17, 2017

Please. Can anyone help me!

Ok so a year ago my son got in contact with me his 13years he told me he wanted to see me and wants to no but me and his mother split when he was 3years old I when to court/ wrote her letters but she made it very hard for me to see my son she even moved house so I couldn’t find my son I felt it was best to leave it but I when to court send her letter but then she moved and I didn’t no where she was!

So In 2016 I was walking home from been out then out of the blue my son was their he started talking to me it was the best feeling ever then I got a text from him saying I want to see you and no you that was great everything was great he staying with me Friday till Sunday for about 6months then just before Xmas I said to his mum I want his school report because she told me his been bad not listen been with the wrong people so I said ok then I was hearing my son was going miles with his mates stealing from pepole ect so I asked his mother then wish she told me his my falt I’m messing with his head because I haven’t been in his life but I tryed my best to but she stil let me have him sleep just before Xmas I when online and seen he was selling My daughters iPad so I question his mum she wasn’t all that arsed her words was I will tell police at school will speak to him ok as I don’t no my right I didn’t go to school then everything started going wrong she told my son he wasn’t aloud to see him then she when to csa for money I’m happy to pay it but she didn’t it very sly and now I have lost my son and I have pay her she says it her money his aloud it I told her you made it hard for me to see my son for 13years I been to court wrote you letter then you go to csa and I have to pay how is that fair?

I’ve been told my her own dad she lets my son go anywhere with his friends he told me that he had my son last week because his mum and her boyfriend wants to go for a weekend away? He said she tells my son lies about me or did I mention my son didn’t no I was his real did till he was 8years because she made him call her boyfriend dad! She keeps on texting my family things about me and telling anyone who will listen things. Sorry for a ranting I am just wondering if I can get any advice or help do I have to pay her csa or can i put it in a saving account for him because I no he won’t see it where do I go about his behaviour?

I have always made my payments and now CMS decide to send aggressive letters

March 13, 2017

I have paid my CSA payments every month for the last 8 years. Whenever I have spoken to the CSA I have checked if I am up to date with my payments and I have always been told yes.

Just before Christmas 2016- literally 2 days before. I began receiving aggressive letters telling me that my payments were in arrears. This appeared to occur at the same time as the CMS were due to take over.

I spoke several times to various faceless administrators from CSA, all of who apparently don’t have surnames!

I was told I owed £254.00 and given 3 different dates I allegedly missed a payment.

I challenged their sums and expressed my desire to formally complain about their service. A few days later I get a letter telling me they owe me money instead!

Fast forward to today, in March and I get a new letter telling me that I owe money again. I ask how I can owe them money whilst I am waiting for them to pay me for an overpayment, but ‘Richard’ was quite evasive.

After an unpleasant call with dear ‘Richard’ becoming quite unpleasant on the phone, I have stated that I will now formally engage them in their complaints policy. I have already read the UK.gov complaints process for the next step, as I have no confidence in the CSA.

Ironically, I can afford to pay this overpayment. But, I have no faith in an organisation that tells me they owe me money, then I owe them money! Both letters were written by the same person- this one has a surname!

So, complaints procedure here we come.

I’m going to put these incompetent people to task.

Partner’s scrounging ex is still demanding more money

March 12, 2017

I would like to know where some mothers get their front. I have been with my partner for 6 years and I myself was am a single mother. Their dad has never given me a penny I haven’t gone to the csa because what is the actual point! they either want to ay for them or they done! simple. I brought my kids up and they have never gone without they always look smart have food in their belly’s and have a roof over their head… how? because I go to work.

My other half has 3 children he goes to work he pays her every month buys clothes every week as they turn up covered in shit and smell like dog one child goes to boarding school and she gets about £600 a month on disability and a car (which he never goes in) and the money my other half gives her and ‘carers allowance’ tax credits and wages(she started work for the first time in 9 years last month) yet its STILL not enough for her.

We have just got another letter from CSA as she wants more money…. baring in mind my other half gives her £350 a month pays for the kids phone bills, dancing, football and we buy clothes shoes school uniforms, bags pay trips and school dinners I am wondering wtf she is on!

she has been on 3 holidays in as many months and still wants more money?? really?? she hasn’t even paid the mortgage so we are being chased for that too!

So please give me advise on what it is WE should do! I cant see how she deserves to get more money after everything he pays for!

My payments are getting later and CSA do nothing

March 11, 2017

Just thought I would advise everyone that if you have a problem contact the following:

Tom McCormack director of the Child maintenance group , he is based in Newcastle

Caroline Noakes MP her responsibilty is the CSA ( constituency is Romsey )

Damian Green MP secretary of state for DWP ( constituency is Ashford )

Send them letters like I did and hey presto ….nothing back.

It is now the 6th march and still not received my January payment , a problem im led to believe is the old chestnut ….yep youve got it, SCHEDULE not correct from employer

My ex has a DEO on him and his company pays by BACS on the 28th or before every month , but unfortunately they pay the money in to the 2012 scheme ,then the 2012 scheme has to transfer it to the 2003 scheme ( my scheme ).

So basically now the CSA have had my money for nearly 6 weeks and have retained it until the correct schedule is sent.

Me being cynical but didnt all the phone lines at the CSA go down on the 20th February , well what do you know the last day for all the employers to pay was the 19th the day before lol.

I wonder if they had a few complaints!!!!!

Mr McCormack you should be ashamed of the government department you oversee, but saying that, on your £84999 salary ( based on march 2015 ) and a rise since then by taking over from Susan Park , I bet your really not interested in mine or anyone elses case on here.

The CSA are a shambles and my payments have been getting later and later for the last 2 years , they are absolutely useless and so patranising when you call them .


My son has been in my care for longer yet only I owe the CSA

March 10, 2017

In October 2001 me and my sons mother parted ways and what followed will be forevermore a scar.

After the split , i took it very hard and suffered from depression, however i still give her what i could even though i was on benefits. I had a job for 4 months at the end of 2002.had many jobs between then and now but never lasted more than a few weeks.

I was made homeless in 2004 but still travelled the 55 miles on public transport to see my son as regular as funds would cover.in 2006 was given somewhere to live and tried to make regular contact but only achieved this in 2007. In 2009 my son came to live with me full time. I am in receipt of child benefit and child tax , i am his sole carer and his mother has only had regular visits since 2013. To try to put a long story short lol. Why am i being chased by the csa for over 2500 grand . His mother owns her own business now , drives a new audi and has regular holidays in which she does not take my son . Why doesn’t she have to pay me ? I have been my sons guardian for longer than her , yet supposedly i owe her money . Who can help me ?

Will my job change affect my clean break order?

March 9, 2017

I’m just about to finishing my service of 22 yrs in the Armed Forces. I have secured a job but at a £10k pay drop, so naturally my monthly maintenance payments will change and drop by £100pm. As a part of our divorce I got a clean break order from the courts in life/death regarding my armed forces pension. can my ex wife try and claim my pension as an income to supplement the maintenance payments? As two years ago she withheld £4000 from money she owed me (what she would’ve been entitled too in the divorce – but she agreed not to pursue!) I didn’t make a fuss as it had taken 8yrs to get any money she owed me!

I wondering if these clean break orders from the court really that bomb proof?

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