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Son reached out to me and now ex isn’t letting me see him

Please. Can anyone help me!

Ok so a year ago my son got in contact with me his 13years he told me he wanted to see me and wants to no but me and his mother split when he was 3years old I when to court/ wrote her letters but she made it very hard for me to see my son she even moved house so I couldn’t find my son I felt it was best to leave it but I when to court send her letter but then she moved and I didn’t no where she was!

So In 2016 I was walking home from been out then out of the blue my son was their he started talking to me it was the best feeling ever then I got a text from him saying I want to see you and no you that was great everything was great he staying with me Friday till Sunday for about 6months then just before Xmas I said to his mum I want his school report because she told me his been bad not listen been with the wrong people so I said ok then I was hearing my son was going miles with his mates stealing from pepole ect so I asked his mother then wish she told me his my falt I’m messing with his head because I haven’t been in his life but I tryed my best to but she stil let me have him sleep just before Xmas I when online and seen he was selling My daughters iPad so I question his mum she wasn’t all that arsed her words was I will tell police at school will speak to him ok as I don’t no my right I didn’t go to school then everything started going wrong she told my son he wasn’t aloud to see him then she when to csa for money I’m happy to pay it but she didn’t it very sly and now I have lost my son and I have pay her she says it her money his aloud it I told her you made it hard for me to see my son for 13years I been to court wrote you letter then you go to csa and I have to pay how is that fair?

I’ve been told my her own dad she lets my son go anywhere with his friends he told me that he had my son last week because his mum and her boyfriend wants to go for a weekend away? He said she tells my son lies about me or did I mention my son didn’t no I was his real did till he was 8years because she made him call her boyfriend dad! She keeps on texting my family things about me and telling anyone who will listen things. Sorry for a ranting I am just wondering if I can get any advice or help do I have to pay her csa or can i put it in a saving account for him because I no he won’t see it where do I go about his behaviour?

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  1. You are on the wrong site. Go to Fathers4Justice UK Support & Advice or contact your local Families Need Fathers branch

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