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I want to start a campaign against the shockingly bad CSA!

I think the CSA need a serious overhaul. I am looking at starting a campaign. I work full time my ex is a pathological liar and has 4 children, only one of which he supports. He has a new wife and a child and they bring home over £100k per annum. Why does a man like him not have to pay for the his children if he has more? It’s ridiculous. I work full time but on one wage and he barely has to contribute because he support one child living with him with two parents earning good money. I really am keen to take him to court. The system never supports the person who raises the child. Also, CSA regularly keeps my money (3 months at a time) and I have to involve my MP to get them to pay me. Anyone want to join me in starting a campaign to get this changed. It really is quite worrying how bad the system is and is not regulated at all.

2 thoughts on “I want to start a campaign against the shockingly bad CSA!

  1. Csa is already in the process of being closed down due to false accounting. Cms has taken over now and your case should have, or be about to transfer across. Note that it is up to you to open a new case with Cms once you have received notice of the Csa case closure.

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