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My payments are getting later and CSA do nothing

Just thought I would advise everyone that if you have a problem contact the following:

Tom McCormack director of the Child maintenance group , he is based in Newcastle

Caroline Noakes MP her responsibilty is the CSA ( constituency is Romsey )

Damian Green MP secretary of state for DWP ( constituency is Ashford )

Send them letters like I did and hey presto ….nothing back.

It is now the 6th march and still not received my January payment , a problem im led to believe is the old chestnut ….yep youve got it, SCHEDULE not correct from employer

My ex has a DEO on him and his company pays by BACS on the 28th or before every month , but unfortunately they pay the money in to the 2012 scheme ,then the 2012 scheme has to transfer it to the 2003 scheme ( my scheme ).

So basically now the CSA have had my money for nearly 6 weeks and have retained it until the correct schedule is sent.

Me being cynical but didnt all the phone lines at the CSA go down on the 20th February , well what do you know the last day for all the employers to pay was the 19th the day before lol.

I wonder if they had a few complaints!!!!!

Mr McCormack you should be ashamed of the government department you oversee, but saying that, on your £84999 salary ( based on march 2015 ) and a rise since then by taking over from Susan Park , I bet your really not interested in mine or anyone elses case on here.

The CSA are a shambles and my payments have been getting later and later for the last 2 years , they are absolutely useless and so patranising when you call them .


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