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CSA threatening me with bailiffs and fake arrears

Can anyone help I had a letter from the Csa telling they are going to put bailiff on me and they want £3000 in to week if I don’t pay. I have always paid for my children since 1993 with my first children then from 1998 till 2016 with my other children. I had assessment in 2006 they then said I was in arrears they said would you like to appeal I said yes I didn’t hear from them till I rang them in 2015 because my twins were 18 they said I was in arrears of £10800 I said how can I be in arrears when I have paid by DEO on my wages they said we didn’t get any payments between 2006 and 2008 I said how can that be when you have a DEO in place they said my company didn’t pay it. I got no wage slips but I had copy’s of bacs payment prof that I had payed but that is not good enough what can I do ????????????

2 thoughts on “CSA threatening me with bailiffs and fake arrears

  1. These are most likely fictitious arrears and invented by the Csa. Thousands of fathers are affected by them, usually with thousands and thousands of pounds of arrears. See my post ‘Fictitious Arrears’ on Facebook. Csa staff have been inventing arrears on father’s accounts for years and the National Audit Office is fully aware of what has been going on and has been covering it up instead of prosecuting the Csa executives and staff for false accounting. It is this false accounting that has resulted in the Csa being closed down and being replaced by Cms which ha already demonstrated that it will continue in the same manner, if not worse

  2. The CSA /CMS have infuriated me! As much with my own experiences with as well as reading other peoples which I can truly sympathise with. Is it not time as a collective that these organisations were dealt with and shown how much damage they are continually doing. Justice needs to be served.

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