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I have always made my payments and now CMS decide to send aggressive letters

I have paid my CSA payments every month for the last 8 years. Whenever I have spoken to the CSA I have checked if I am up to date with my payments and I have always been told yes.

Just before Christmas 2016- literally 2 days before. I began receiving aggressive letters telling me that my payments were in arrears. This appeared to occur at the same time as the CMS were due to take over.

I spoke several times to various faceless administrators from CSA, all of who apparently don’t have surnames!

I was told I owed £254.00 and given 3 different dates I allegedly missed a payment.

I challenged their sums and expressed my desire to formally complain about their service. A few days later I get a letter telling me they owe me money instead!

Fast forward to today, in March and I get a new letter telling me that I owe money again. I ask how I can owe them money whilst I am waiting for them to pay me for an overpayment, but ‘Richard’ was quite evasive.

After an unpleasant call with dear ‘Richard’ becoming quite unpleasant on the phone, I have stated that I will now formally engage them in their complaints policy. I have already read the complaints process for the next step, as I have no confidence in the CSA.

Ironically, I can afford to pay this overpayment. But, I have no faith in an organisation that tells me they owe me money, then I owe them money! Both letters were written by the same person- this one has a surname!

So, complaints procedure here we come.

I’m going to put these incompetent people to task.

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