CSA Complaints

My son has been in my care for longer yet only I owe the CSA

In October 2001 me and my sons mother parted ways and what followed will be forevermore a scar.

After the split , i took it very hard and suffered from depression, however i still give her what i could even though i was on benefits. I had a job for 4 months at the end of 2002.had many jobs between then and now but never lasted more than a few weeks.

I was made homeless in 2004 but still travelled the 55 miles on public transport to see my son as regular as funds would 2006 was given somewhere to live and tried to make regular contact but only achieved this in 2007. In 2009 my son came to live with me full time. I am in receipt of child benefit and child tax , i am his sole carer and his mother has only had regular visits since 2013. To try to put a long story short lol. Why am i being chased by the csa for over 2500 grand . His mother owns her own business now , drives a new audi and has regular holidays in which she does not take my son . Why doesn’t she have to pay me ? I have been my sons guardian for longer than her , yet supposedly i owe her money . Who can help me ?

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