Child support from American citizen

May 31, 2011

I need advice.

The father of my children works in california since 2007. I broke up w/ him of some situations that i can’t handle anymore like “he wants to get married there” and now he got married there last december 2009. and now he’s american citizen. he never gave it the tax refund annually for our children. he asked me to changed the surname of our eldest son to his surname so that he can less the tax and to save for the future for our children as well, so i did it. though he’s supporting financially monthly. Do i have the right to demand for that tax refund for our children? how much financial support for the children should i get to him?

your reply will be very helpful for us. thank you and more power.

Child Support Agency used as revenge by bitter ex

May 31, 2011

I was removed from my home and children by way of a false allegation that I was never charged with.

Despite paying all the home bills initially for a home I was excluded and resided in by my ex wife’s boyfriend the ex wife still got CSA on to me who initially wanted £920 per month.

The ex claimed benefits and legal aid she was not entitled too, had free school dinners and yet I am expected to pay £900 a month for children I probably will never see again and who have been used as tools and weapons.

Ex not happy with amount I am paying, calls the CSA

May 30, 2011

I got divorced 8 years ago and when the family house was sold there was £64k left over , i agreed to let my wife have £45k of it as she was to provide a home for my son.I also agreed to pay a £5k loan and a £2k credit card bill.

Originally i paid £250 a month although my son lived with me half the time. So here we are 8 years on , she’s not happy with the payments she gets so she contacts the csa.

They’re not interested in anything i have to pay or anything i’ve already paid and seem quite happy to ruin any life i’ve got.

Surely there’s something i can do!!!

CSA and a DNA test

May 30, 2011

I am contacting you with regards to a dna test. I have done a dna test on a child that i am not currently paying for, but my name is on the birth certificate. the child came back as not mine, but my test was not admissable to remove my name from his birth certificate.

Is there any way you can help me to provide substantail evidence to remove my name from his birth certificate? I have also done a test on a 2nd child with the same mother which has turned out to be mine which is again not court admissable, and has someone elses name on the birth certificate, so basically i am wondering if there is anyway you can help me to remove my name from 1 childs birth certificate, and to help me get my name on another childs birth certificate.

Thank you so much

CSA is too greedy and wants too much money

May 29, 2011

My name is jamie im hard working never been out of work for long time , when i was 21 i met a girl she got pregnat but did not know who the father was ! .

Then she told me it was not mine and after 4 years she said he was mine so had to go doctors to have blood test turn out he is mine .

i phone them saying i have trouble to pay bills , clothes , food even traval to work , but they dont care they just want the money they say they look at my case but dont listen now they wanna up it to £580 pounds a mounth!

i have no problem paying for the child but cos she was unfaful i have to suffer where the justist in that!.

she lives in a 2 bedroom house and has a car and works .

i live in a room no car have to walk 3 hours to work and 3 hours back cos the csa wont listen i even lost 2 stone cos can not afford to eat proply.
im only on 19k a year and my rent is in it £500.

like i said they have to listen not all the men in this are bad!
i can not even have a girlfriend cos they think well we take more cos you can live on her wadges.
if anyone know if i have a leagel leg to stand on?

im also disleyx witch stop me getting a well paid job 580 pounds for one child

I was paying privately but Child Support Agency had other ideas

May 29, 2011

To cut a long story short i was paying maintenance monthly to my ex partner, I am not allowed to speak to my son, and i am not allowed visitation to him, i dont know his address , his mum has a partner and a child by someone else.

I got married to my new partner and the ex contacted the CSA, i used to pay for birthdays, christmases, but now all she gets is £28 per week from me, which is fine, but thats all she will be getting , no more bonuses for her if she is playing the spitefull woman, i have tried numerous times to get her to call them off, she would be better off but she wont, so good luck to her.

Lying About Income & Number Of Children

May 28, 2011

My ex lies about his income as he works for a ‘friend’ and only declares half his income, he takes his own work in the garage he works at and makes more money on that and now he is saying his new partners son lives with them. I told the CSA this child (age18) had moved out some weeks ago but because he has a child benefit book thats all the proof he needs. So part from tax evasion Read more

CSA wants to take my house

May 28, 2011

I have recently been told by ex partner that she can have my ex wifes house sold from under her as I still have my name on the mortgage papers after moving out over 10 years ago. I have a son to my ex girlfriend who I gave money 2 every week. It just wasnt enough. Every week then turned into the same amounts every 4-5 days then the same again every 3-4 days giving her more money than I could afford. What mum tells you you cant see your son if you dont give her and her boyfriend 500 quid so they can buy a dog? just as I handed over 160 quid.

Csa claim they have new laws in affect and that my ex has told them I dont give her any money even though I make her sign for it. Cant give it to her direct debit as she calls me on the phone and drives straight down to get it! I no longer see him now as ex told me he wasnt even mine.

And I actualy fought in court for 5 years for parental responsability. Not worth the money its printed on. Can the csa take a house I havent lived in for 10 years? They cant even keep my records straight.

CSA case worker threatened me, wanting credit card payments

May 27, 2011

I finished paying csa for my daughter last september as she left school and got an apprentiship in a hairdressers. she was paid £95.00 a week. but this was not good enough for my ex her mother who basically forced her to give up this and go to colledge just so she could claim more csa.

I got a call from the csa in fed 2011 demanding two payslips which i sent and heard no more untill may when i recieved a phone call from the csa stating that i now owe £657.00 in arrears. and it was assesed at £73.00 per week.i said i did not have any money untill i got paid at the end of the month. The cock at the csa then started to threaten me telling me Read more

Man at the end of his tether with the Child Support Agency

May 27, 2011

A man who claims that he is having his regular payments refused every month by the CSA says the organisation is making his life a misery.

Tim Ford, of Pentrich Road, has been trying to set up a direct debit for 8 months. But every month, when the payment is due, the money does not go out of his account.

This has led to monthly letters from the CSA demanding that he pay the amount, or threatening him with Read more

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