The CSA are like a big stick for your exes to hit you with

November 30, 2011

I slit with my ex about 8 years ago upon divorce i agreed to pay her money every month witch i did every month for the 8 years . I do not see my young one a she started saying things about me but i just payed the money every month as agreed but now my young one is 16 and going to collage she has gone to the csa for more money i have rang them about 10 times to get it Read more

CSA demands money for children that are not mine

November 30, 2011

My story is quite unique. My ex-wife, in August 2009 told me she wanted a divorce. The following month, she told me the marriage could be saved, but only if I adopted her two children, this I agreed to. The following April she again told me she wanted a divorce, and on 28th December that year, she kicked me out of the house so that she could move her American boyfriend in.

April next year (2001) our divorce was finalised, and she subsequently moved to the USA, with her children, re-married, and lived there till 2007, when, unannounced she returned to the UK, and the first I knew of it was when the csa contacted me and started demanding money. I informed them of al the details, as well as the fact that as part of our divorce settlement, I would not try to contact her children, and she would not try to get maintenance, but to no avail, they bury their heads in the sand and just say, you owe, pay up, irrespective of the facts of the case.

In August this year, they tried to have me jailed for non-payment, even though I told them I should not be charged for children that are not mine, that I have not seen for ten years, and that their mother is quite happily working and earning good wage. To avoid jail, I had to agree, against my better judgement to pay £40.00 per month, agreed by the courts. Only just this week, despite this agreement, the csa have told me they will start taking £144.00 per month from my wages. I will now have to give up my job, as I cannot afford to pay this and keep working.

My life is in ruins because of these callous, uncaring unprofessional people, whilst my ex-wife and her children lead a very good life indeed. I am now looking for a train to throw myself under, this is the last decision I can make that the csa can’t affect.

Written off arrears keep reappearing?

November 30, 2011

Hi this is my first time on this forum hello all.I got a letter today from the CSA its the first letter i’ve had from them in over 2 years and its an Enforcement letter stating they are applying for a liability order i’ve got seven days to pay the full arrears of over £12,200 pounds or i could go to jail, have baliffs etc… i’m sure you all know the jargen.

I was told to get all the transcripts a couple of years ago because there was numerous discrepancies in my case.

So two years ago i sat down and went through all the paper work and found out that at one stage my arrears had been written off by the CSA because of mess of my case. I told them this and never heared a word until now surely they can’t do this can they?

Any help would be appreciated.


My ex and his lack of decent payments

November 30, 2011

I got divorced around 6 years ago now. My ex husband is a self employed man who was very clever at cooking his books. At the time, in my naivety, I allowed him to divorce me, thus meaning he could drag out the case till he had a new years books showing his profits going from £64,000 to £12,000.

He did this so as not to have to pay me a fair amount as I left him and he was still very bitter.

All this time down the line, he has still never increased his payments and I only receive £170 a month for our 13 year old son. This does not even cover his lunch, travel and my petrol Read more

Trying to get money back from the CSA

November 30, 2011

I am fighting the csa to get overpaid monies back I have been waiting since may for my money back as they told me my ex was no longer entitaled as he was not entitaled to child benefit any more (his claim is fraud).

I have at least over paid by £900 and they keep on about areas which was sorted last november. I had a letter telling me this. I have made many call and have written a letter of complaint and also a complaint over the phone. I want to know how long before it is sorted and who is getting the interest I should be getting.

Over the last 15 years they never got much money out of my ex his areas to me was over £3000 which because of the csa’s mistakes were written off against mine after lots of theats from them to lock me up,take away my driving liecence, all this one year three weeks before christmas because I was £600 in areas which I did not know about.


CSA are taking so much money off my dad, he cannot pay the basic household bills

November 29, 2011

My mum and dad split up 9 years ago and I lived with my dad for 8 years, before deciding that I wanted to move in with my mum.

During the time that my dad had custody of me, CSA have stated that arrears have accumilated during that time, leaving my dad with over £3000.00 worth of arrears. However, they arn’t happy with just screwing my dad for that amount, they have now back dated the CSA, to the year I was born … 1993!!! Does this no suggest that my dad has never lived with us? When he has and he has always provided for me.

My dad is 50 years old and is working 50 hours a week (HGV Driver). The most digusting thing about it is, my dad takes home £161 a week for working 50 hours as well as Read more

No payment from CSA or ex for 18 months

November 29, 2011

When me and my ex broke up, he refused to pay anything privatly. I am a student so not entitled to much support from the state, so it is important that I recieve maintinence to provide for my child. I went to CSA over 2 years ago and recieved a number of payments.

However after approximatly six months, the payments stopped and I had no correspondance from CSA. I have contacted them on numerous occassions, and each time i hear a different explanation.

I have had no payment for approximatly 18 months, and no correspondance for about 9 months. I am sick of contacting them as I feel like im getting passed from pillar to post! I dont know what to do?

My ex now works for the CSA

November 29, 2011

My ex wife has continually blocked contact over the past 11 years and poisoned my son against me. Recently she has been contacting me under false names on facebook just to give my present wife and myself hassle. I have always complied with whatever the CSA have asked for. I was last assessed in March of this year and provided all information to them that they requested. However I have just learned that my ex wife who has always been a civilsevant now works at my local csa branch and I have now received another demand for reassessment.

I had a call from the office the other day from one of their advisors Read more

Woman on limited income cannot support children without help

November 29, 2011

This concerns my sister in law, who has lost her home and children in a divorce settlement. The court has stipulated that she can see the 2 children overnight on two nights once a fortnight, however her ex- husband frequently refuses to let her have them.

She is on incapacity benefit [ or the current = ] and has the princely income of around £100 pw and is reliant on housing benefit and hand outs from the family.

To add to this the ex- husband – who has the house, the children and a well paid self employed job is demanding maintenance from her!! Is this possibly right? she’s no longer entitled to legal aid [she held money on behalf of her aged mum and the courts “in their wisdom “decided she had access to it- but thats another story]

There’s no way , on her very limited income , that she can support two children. Any advice? and are means taken into account?

How much should my ex be paying the CSA?

November 29, 2011

I have a 3 year old son whose father left prior to his birth. whilst he has reguarly paid maintenance through a private agreement, it has always been based on CSA guidelines.

As part of my divorce – complete Dec 2009, he was to pay 20% of his wages. Since then, he moved in with a lady who has a child and therefore reduced amount to 17%. He now also has a child of his own with her and they all live int the same house. His salary was £36k in Oc 2009. I have seen no increase in relation to any pay rises since OCt 2009.

He has now advised me that due to his finacial situation, he will only be paying me £150 pm from the 1st December. Whilst I appreciate that specific numbers cannot be given, I would appreicate guidance on what he should be paying me as a percentage of his income, now he is living with and has another child of his own.

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